College – Issue 39

NEWS & EVENTS The College Project spreads its wings

Politicians, media stars, comedians – the boys from The College Project took them all on in a trip to Wellington and Auckland during the Term 2 holidays. The probing questions of College’s own podcast team surprised some of the seasoned professionals, and earned the boys’ compliments, invitations to return, and opportunities for the future. Ethan Manera, Angad Vraich, Ben Davis and Benedict Pownall have interviewed a wide range of personalities since their podcast was launched early in 2020. The quartet decided the term holidays were a great chance to spread their wings and nail some of those in positions of influence and power further up the country.

Number one on their list was Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern (who didn’t accept the invitation), followed by people like comedian Guy Williams, ACT New Zealand leader David Seymour, political journalist Jessica Mutch-McKay, journalist Samantha Hayes, leader of the Green Party James Shaw and the Right Honourable Speaker of the House Trevor Mallard. “We wanted names that people would recognise and who would have an interesting story to tell,” says Angad Vraich, who along with Ethan fronts the podcast series. “We made an itinerary, messaged our guests and narrowed it down to three interviews in each city.” Then, with helpful funding from College and an anonymous sponsor, they were on their way.

Because the boys showed up in professional business attire, carrying loads of sound equipment, their credibility soared, many of the interviewees not realising they were a school boy team. “We wore neutral suits, Ben Davis was in a three-piece, and we colour co-ordinated our ties to reflect the political leaning of whoever we were interviewing,” said Ethan. “ Our whole focus is on what these politicians are going to do for young people. ” Ethan Manera

Christ’s College Canterbury


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