College – Issue 39

NEWS & EVENTS Covid-19 – how we coped

It has coined a whole new vocabulary, just as the earthquakes of 2010 and 2011 did. “Bubble”, “social distancing”, “lock down”, “border controls”, “quarantine” rapidly became the language of Covid-19 in the way that “aftershocks”, “lateral spreading” and “liquefaction“ were applied specifically to Canterbury’s earthquakes. Before late February few knew of Covid-19. The term corona virus had been used, but we in New Zealand weren’t familiar with it, nor its ramifications. That changed rapidly by early March. Covid alert levels were implemented in mid-March and life quickly changed for all of us. While it presented many new challenges it also presented some unique opportunities for College boys.

Not least, the chance to shine in their own learning endeavours, to test their self-motivation, and to evaluate their abilities when the usual structures were removed. Year 9 student Rahal Pathirana used it as an opportunity to develop his photography skills, taking photos of objects around the house and garden.

It was a chance to witness autumn’s progression.

“I could see the leaves were dying and wanted to tell the story, show the transformation from a fresh leaf through to dead.” He’s into tech and follows several photographers on Instagram.

Christ’s College Canterbury


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