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Rolleston family gift saves the day This year John and Karen

restrictions, but we were able to offer some of our special guests a viewing of the dress rehearsal. Guests were shown to socially distanced seating up in the gallery of the Assembly Hall, which had been limited to 100 seats. This far up, our guests were treated to a bird’s eye view of the production and of the talented orchestra as it accompanied the show. Evita was an incredible production, and everyone clapped as long and as loudly as they could, to ensure the standout cast could hear from so far away. Although we were not able to offer our special guests an actual drink and canape on the night as originally planned, we were glad to be able to send them away with a bottle of wine kindly donated by Giesen’s, to enjoy after the show.

biting game, College triumphant in the final moments to win by the narrowest margin, 28–27. The event was a great opportunity for us to host our special sponsors who make a significant impact to drive a culture of excellence in sport by allowing us to provide the extra resources – the time, equipment and expertise – which our boys need, to train and compete at the highest level. Evita dress rehearsal We were also proud to host our sponsors in September, to the dress rehearsal of the Christ’s College and Rangi Ruru Girls’ School production of Evita . The opening night of this stunning show had to be cancelled because of the Covid-19 Level 2

Rolleston have given their annual music and drama donation to the Evita production. Although the show did indeed go on despite seemingly insurmountable odds, there was a cost. The Rollestons quickly agreed to help when Executive Principal Garth Wynne approached them. Their kind gift will be used to offset losses associated with live streaming and other costs while in Level 2 lockdown. Thanks to the Rolleston’s generosity, forward thinking and giving flexibility, we have been able to salvage some of these unforeseen expenses. We appreciate this high level of support, and are grateful to the Rollestons for their unwavering love of Christ’s College music and drama.

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