Beautique Med Spa -February 2020

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Hair removal has served many purposes throughout history, such as providing cleanliness and defining status. Whether plucking, shaving, and even waxing with melted sugar, people have been trying to remove unwanted hair for centuries. Like any other beautification technique, hair removal has been updated as new technology and information is introduced to the industry. About 50 years ago, the first laser designed to destroy hair follicles was invented. Over the course of the following half-century, lasers were tested, altered, tested, and altered some more. Eventually, technology gave us modern-day laser hair removal in the form of electrolysis and intense pulsed light (IPL). These methods treat all skin and hair types, and thanks to updated knowledge about hair growth cycles, permanent hair removal is not only achievable but also virtually painless. At Beautique, we use this amazing IPL technology for hair removal. It allows us to customize treatments to each patient. For patients with darker hair, we target the hair follicle at a different setting than for those with blond or gray hair. The same customization is available for different skin types so we remove hair in the most efficient way. In just 12 months, our patients can be free of unwanted hair — and ready to put on their summer clothes without a second thought. Aimed at long-term hair reduction, laser hair removal targets the hair follicle at the most responsive stage to reduce overall growth. Razor, be gone! Perfect Timing When it comes to laser hair removal, there is an ideal time for treatment to maximize results. Because hair grows in different phases, we time treatments so they will be most effective to your hair removal Go Hair-Free for Summer High-Tech, Low-Maintenance Hair Removal Gives You a Jump-Start on the Season

plan. Only one phase of hair growth, the anagen phase, is responsive to laser treatment. Since we can’t know which phase hair is in at a given time, after the initial treatment, we treat patients at precise intervals over multiple sessions to get them permanent results. Thanks to our thorough approach, our patients can say goodbye to their razor in just 12 months! Customized to YOU Our system is also equipped for every hair and skin type. We customize your treatment to you! Unlike hair removal devices that can’t target lighter hair or don’t respond well to darker skin tones, our lasers can be adjusted to ensure we get just the right approach for you. What makes our process stand out? We use the Lumenis LightSheer DUET, a state-of-the art laser made to treat all skin types and even red, blond, and gray hair. Most hair removal equipment isn’t even capable of this! In addition, while most offices only treat one area at a time, our personalized approach ensures we can treat multiple body areas. Hair-free for summer? Yes, this dream can be a reality, and the most efficient, cost-effective way to do it is with laser hair removal. Ditch all your unwanted hair with the latest in hair removal technology. Call us now to find out how you can start the journey to the hair-free, smooth skin you dream of.


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