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‘Jane the Virgin’ Star Gina Rodriguez Speaks Up on Beauty Standards

Plus, the Tools for Her Low-Maintenance Routine Probably best known for her role as the

by John Frieda Frizz Ease products. A couple spritzes before blow drying her hair, a couple after, and she’s ready to go.

endearing title character on “Jane the Virgin,” Gina Rodriguez is about as endearing and down-to-earth as the character she plays.

The Product She Never Leaves Home Without Rodriguez swears by another affordable staple, Rosebud Salve, to treat chapped lips and chapped hands. She even uses it to remedy dry knees. Take a cue from her: Carrying a moisturizing salve or lotion wherever you go will help you keep your skin hydrated even on the driest of days. Her Belief in Following What’s Right for You Inspired by her mom, who wears minimal makeup, Rodriguez doesn’t look for validation in a lipstick shade or jean size. Her mom taught her to find it within herself. “I want to own beauty. I don’t want to chase it,” Rodriguez told Elle magazine. “Healthy is to each his own. You have to know your body. You can’t compare yourself to somebody else. It’s what’s best for you.”

She’s also into low-maintenance beauty — she swears by products you can find at most drug stores — and defying traditional ideals of beauty. How She Feels About Hollywood’s Narrow Standards of Beauty Rodriguez has spoken passionately about bucking traditional beauty standards and how we have the power to do it. “The ‘norm’ is a trend,” she told “Societal rules can be changed, and they can be changed by us. We are the reason we believe a certain body type is beautiful and other body types aren’t, and we’re the ones who are capable of changing what beauty looks like.” Her Go-To for Smooth, Frizz-Free Hair You likely won’t see the star turning to exclusive designer brands to care for her hair. That’s because since high school, Rodriguez swears

We couldn’t agree more! Take a page from Rodriguez’s philosophy this month and find what works for you. | 956-664-1234

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