South Windsor Neck & Back - September 2018

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Connected It’s All Putting the Puzzle Pieces of the Body Back Together

The other day, I had a patient come in with a tangled mess of issues plaguing his body. He was an IT professional at a small business, tapping away at a keyboard nearly all day every day. Apparently, he didn’t follow all that advice that’s come out saying that sitting is the new smoking, or read the research about how important the ergonomics of your workspace are to your overall health. His pain had originally developed in his neck and upper back after hundreds of hours of unknowingly craning his head to look down at his monitor. From there, the aches had crept into his arms, settling in after long periods of sitting and never really going away. It didn’t take long for those aches to morph into full-blown carpal tunnel syndrome, which was sometimes so bad that his arms would go to sleep while he was working. His head, too, had started to pound throughout the day. Basically, no matter what he was doing, pain was there, lurking in the back of his mind and generally messing up his whole life. Understandably, he had begun freaking out — after all, what is an IT pro supposed to do if they can’t type on a computer? But after hearing his long list of issues and examining him, I assured him that these were just the kinds of things we chiropractors treat all the time. He, like many patients who come in here, had no idea that his many persistent problems were all linked together in an interlocking web of dysfunction. And so, with the right treatment, they could be unraveled and addressed, almost all at once. First, I made a few adjustments to his shoulders to see what good we could do at the root of the pain. Steadily, I went through each problem area, trying to iron out the neural pathways that had become kinked from hours spent staring

at a computer screen. He came into the office once or twice a week, and as time went on, his issues began to subside. His shoulders stopped tensing up, and his neck lost those nasty kinks. After that, it was only a short time before his carpal tunnel began to diminish, and then disappear altogether. By

addressing his twisted spine, changes cascaded throughout his body, giving him the lasting relief he needed to continue doing the work he loved.

I couldn’t ask for a better career, but I do wish more regular folks understood one fact: Everything in the body is connected. Sure, you may have fallen and banged your knee, but in the process, you twisted your pelvis. Your lower back may be killing you, but it’s also likely the reason your legs are falling asleep. One issue almost always leads to another. Luckily, when the right person realizes what’s actually going on, puts all the pieces together, and takes steps to treat pain at the source, relief can start at one point and spread throughout your body. It just requires the patient to recognize that their body is all one, complex unit — muscles, bones, and tendons interlaced with the nervous system in a seamless and deeply complex web. –Dr. Chris Colby


“Relief today ... function for life!”


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