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Lessons From Motherhood


BEING A MOM MADE ME A BETTER LAWYER Happy Mother’s Day to all the hardworking moms out there. I

loose on the world, but you don’t want to be a “helicopter mom,” either. Doing the tightrope walk day in and day out for years would be enough to occasionally cause the best mom in the world to have a “checkout- aisle moment” from time to time. Thankfully, I don’t have to make that walk alone. Tom’s been amazing at stepping up and playing the role of disciplinarian in the family. Whenever I thought about having kids in the past, I always imagined I would be the one to fill this role. After all, I go toe to toe with attorneys from major insurance and medical companies in court all the time. I expected sternly enforcing the rules of our household wouldn’t be any different. But to my surprise, being tough with my kids just doesn’t come as easily to me. Instead of my work as an attorney informing my parenting, it’s actually worked the other way around. Since having kids, I’ve become more empathetic to the cases we handle, especially when they involve children. Of course, I’ve always felt sympathy for the families we help. But personally knowing the kind of deep, protective love a mother has for her children puts things in a whole new light. Hearing from mothers with injured children or whose medical bills prevent them from giving their kids a stable future hits me hard.


hope you at least get some time to put your feet up and relax on this particular Sunday, though I know how unrealistic that can be. My two young ones definitely keep me on my toes, no matter what day it is. But, despite how hectic it gets, I wouldn’t trade motherhood for anything in the world. After my daughter was born, there was a lot that surprised me about being a parent. First and foremost, nothing can prepare you for the overwhelming love you feel for your newborn. As they age, that love just keeps growing, and you keep finding new surprises along the way. For me, the second big surprise was finding out how difficult parenting actually is. I’ll admit, before I had kids, I was judgmental of other mothers. We’ve all been there: watching a woman going through the checkout aisle, struggling as her kids run amok in the store. We think to ourselves, “I’d never let my kids do that .” But then you have kids of your own and realize the incredibly difficult balancing act every parent has to pull off all hours of the day. Striking the balance between teaching your children discipline and giving them room to learn and grow is incredibly difficult but necessary. You don’t want to just turn the kids

Being able to put myself in the shoes of these women has shown me just how crucial my job is. While motherhood has been full of surprises, I’ve never felt unprepared. That’s because I was lucky enough to learn from one of the best. My mom was incredible with my brother and me, with enough patience and enthusiasm to just sit down and be a kid with us from time to time. So often, that’s what kids want most: for a parent to take the time to just meet them on their level and play. I do my best to give Heidi and Ian the same level of attention and care. finding room for “me time” can feel impossible as a mother, but making sure you are happy and healthy is as much a part of being a good parent as anything else. This Mother’s Day, Mom, make time to catch up with your friends, read, or do whatever activity brings you joy. You’ve more than earned it. 1 –Chelsea Dickerson Lastly, it’s important to remember to care for yourself too. I know Happy Mother’s Day,









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