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training program, spending time in manufacturing, parts and service,marketing, and sales operations. Over the course of the last twenty years, in addition to completing my undergraduate business degree and later my Masters of Business Adminis- tration, I have held various positions with suppliers in our industry, each offering more progressive levels of responsibility. Through the years, I have sold presses and press auxiliary equipment servicing the web offset, sheet-fed, digital, flexible packaging, and corrugated segments, all of which has led to my current position with Koenig & Bauer. FMN: Explain your motivations in joining Koenig & Bauer. In my previous roles, I gained valuable experience in leadership, working to build and develop a team fo- cused on sales success, but I missed the excitement and energy of working on capital equipment projects. Plus, I always held Koenig & Bauer in high regard due to its stellar reputation for product and support. When the opportunity surfaced to discuss my current Jeff Dietz

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The Importance Of Partnering With Customers Jeff Dietz, VP, Web & Specialty Press Division, for Koenig & Bauer, spoke exclusively with Flexo Market News about his journey in the printing industry, what he hopes to accomplish in his role, and the impor- tance of partnering with customers. FMN: Talk a little about your professional life before joining Koenig & Bauer. We’ve often heard the saying “I was born with ink in my veins,” and that is certainly true for me too. My fa- ther, who had a long, successful career in press equip- ment sales, was very influential in my decision to pursue a career path in the graphic arts. While many of my friends had very typical first jobs in high school, I spent summers either helping to rebuild press equipment or tasked with odd jobs in an offset printing operation, like stripping film or dipping ink. Before entering the full-time workforce, I had the opportunity to apprentice for a web offset press man- ufacturer, providing me with a highly comprehensive

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