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1 st Quarter, 2019

SLDB Colleagues Newsletter

Message from EAM – Rooms

January & February Orientees

Promoted Colleagues

Junjun Ren

Sadhasivam Sargunaraj SL – Engineering

Manju Basnet K C

Mohamed Seoudi Ragab Mousa SA – Front Office

SL – Kitchen

SL – F&B (Captain)

Archana Nair

Rajitha Heleralalage SM - Engineering

Mohamed Omar

Zaid Adil Irahaam

SM – Assistant Guest Services Manager

Sales Executive - MICE

SL - Sales

Promoted Colleagues

Nguyen Thi Thuong (Angel) Guest Relations Executive

Daniel Bogdan Gramaticu SL – Bar Supervisor

Nguyen ThiThu (April) SL – F&B (Captain)

Bhuwan Singh SL – Engineering

Zexin Shao SM (Asst. Manager) – Shang Palace

Congratulations to all of our promoted colleagues!

Up close with …

Sathyapal Nair Director of Finance

1- Why Hotels and how did you start? After qualifying as an accountant in India in 1990, I took a post as senior accountant with Abjar Hotels. 2- What do you enjoy most about your work? I like to work with people and the really good thing about hospitality is that you get experience and knowledge of a lot of business areas. I like to learn how the whole business works, to contribute and ask challenging questions. 4- What is your reason for travelling to various countries? Finance skills are very transferable in the hospitality sector because hotels are the same everywhere in the world but the approach to accounting is different in each country, so I wanted to learn more. 5- What will be your focus for the coming months? Controlling costs and maximizing revenue – within the constraints of maintaining high levels of quality and services that guests expect.

Up close with …

Hoi-An Chef Truong Vinh Co

1- Why Hotels and how did you start? I started my career in 2005. My intention was to learn something new

2- What do you enjoy most about your work? I enjoy learning from my superiors and passing down cookery skills to those working with me.

3- What will you be focusing on in the next few months? I will focus on creating a modern and new menu.

4- Describe yourself in 3 words: Fun, Kind and Determined!

5- What are your hobbies? Gym, football and playing pool

6- Any words of wisdom? Listen to those around you and learning something new everyday.

Up close with …

Sunil Gladstone

Banquet Operations Manager

1- Why Hotels and how did you start? I always wanted to do something for the people. To create memories, who celebrate their most important occasions of their lives

2- What do you enjoy most about your work? I am passionate about my work. My success is when I see guests happy and satisfied .

3- What will you be focusing on in the next few months? To focus on creating more business opportunities for the hotel and being actively involved in it.

4- Describe yourself in 3 words: Pleasing, passionate and friendly

5- What are your hobbies? I love long drives. Spend quality time with my family and friends, watch movies, laugh out l oud and enjoy every moment.

6- Any words of wisdom? Don’t give up while facing failures; learn from it and start again.

Trust You

BITE YTD – 87.0%

WAGS YTD – 91%

Comp Index YTD – 1.00

Departure YTD – 91%

People YTD – 93%

Arrival YTD – 90%

Engaging Millennials Shangri-La Dubai

Regional Business Meeting Shangri-La Dubai

SLDB hosted the Regional Business Meeting Pioneering New Horizons , for MEIIO and EUNA regions. 2 days of great networking

Regional Business Meeting Shangri-La Dubai

At SLDB we are pioneering New Horizons . Chef Nikolaos Tsimidakis and the kitchen brigade re-invented coffee breaks with their creative and modern take on food

Framing Success – The Balanced Score-Card Session

We rolled out the Balance Score card to our colleagues to ensure that we are all striving towards the same goal.

Framing Success – The Balanced Score-Card Session

Tarek Medhat at the Global Revenue Optimization workshop!

Wahid Al Mawaly at the Fire & Life Safety Workshop in Mactan!

Colleagues’ Activities

We Rocked And Rolled this WAVE day with the Sales & Marketing Team!

Congratulations to Engineering Division for winning the first place and Sales and Marketing Division for winning runner up!

Chinese New Year

International Women’s Day

There is no force more powerful than a woman determined to rise!

The A&G Team Hosted WAVE where colleagues planted herb seedlings in hopes to preserve the environment

Mothers Day

We celebrated Mother’s Day by giving a small token of appreciation to all mother’s in the team!

Corporate Social Responsibility

International Down Syndrome Walkathon

As part of our embrace initiative we participated in the Down Syndrome Walkathon held in Global Village.

Some of the world's most famous landmarks including the iconic Burj Khalifa in Dubai was plunged into darkness to draw attention to climate change.

The global Earth Hour campaign raised awareness about the impact of climate change. We participated to show solidarity

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