St. Gerard House Strategic Plan 2023 [PUBLIC]

Our Approach

In developing this strategic plan, St. Gerard House examined our current organizational state and our communities’ needs for services, to establish our desired future position. The purpose of the Strategic Plan is to set and document goals and strategies for the organization. The goals and strategies are directed at the programs and services that will better serve the needs of those individuals with autism, their families, and the community. St. Gerard House remains clearly focused on improving the well-being of those we serve. The governing board, leadership team, and staff will use the strategic plan initiatives to direct programs and services to meet and exceed our expectations for accessibility, quality, and person-centered services. The Strategic Plan also supports the professional aspirations of our valued employees and volunteers. St. Gerard House’s mission and vision reflect a conscious decision by the organization to advance our clients potential through quality academic, social, and behavioral support services. The perpetual focus of the organization is to develop programs and services with humility and competence, to best meet the needs of those with autism who may be experiencing barriers to achieving their best life. We believe for strategic planning to be effective it is critical that it is conducted in the context of the community it serves and not in a vacuum. This is particularly important in today’s human service environment, where change is dynamic and occurring at a rapid pace. The Board and staff will continue to evaluate, assess, and adjust the strategic plan on a regular basis, creating a “living” document that is responsive to the changing needs of the autism community.

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