April Oracle 2021

Well, it ’ s been a trying last twelve months, and a challenging winter season. By and large, our Canadian owners have remained home in Canada. Our American owners have been able to enjoy the resort, albeit a quieter winter, with reduced activities and a lower occupancy. Here ’ s hoping our governments get the pandemic reined in and that next season, we will all be able to return to ORPS and enjoy our winter home with all it has to offer. I have noticed the word ‘ fiduciary duty ’ used in a number of conversations lately. I ’ d like to take a minute to explain the meaning and how it relates to an HOA board, and to ORPS specifically. What does fiduciary duty mean for an HOA board member? It places a burden on an individual in whom the association members have placed the utmost trust and confidence to manage and protect property or money. It ’ s also places a ‘ Duty of Care ’ to the interests of the corporation. In following that ‘ fiduciary duty ’, one of the primary tasks of an association, through its board of directors is to, at a minimum maintain, repair and replace the common areas, and where possible give consideration to improvements, to protect, if not enhance, the property values of both the association and its members. Your board, a few years back, embarked on the development of a strategic plan. Why? ORPS ’ Vision Statement: We strive to be a Premier RV Resort with excellent facilities, activities and amenities, creating a positive social culture for all. There is the old saying – “ If you ’ re not moving forward, you ’ re falling back. ” There are many ‘ premier / luxury ’ RV resorts around the country to choose from. And more are being developed each year. ORPS does have ‘ competition ’. It is important for ORPS to keep moving forward, to look for ways to improve, to enhance and improve our facilities. Both to meet the expectations and provide enjoyment for our current members, but also to be viewed as being among ‘ THE ’ premier RV resorts in North America, to potential purchasers. I think we would all recognize the perception of ORPS by those looking to purchase an RV lot is of the utmost importance. Demand for lots affects the inventory of lots for sale. And if the demand is there, resulting in a lower inventory, that could/should push up property values. So, developing and following through on a long - term strategic plan, planning for and implementing facility enhancements and improvements, is one component of protecting, preserving and enhancing the property values of both the association and members ’ own property values. Wishing all safe travels this coming summer, Don Renoe Board President

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APRIL 2021

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