April Oracle 2021

Wow . . . a “ season ” like no other, is rapidly drawing to a close! To those leaving us soon, farewell, and safe travels. To those who couldn ’ t join us this year, can ’ t wait to see you again. I can ’ t wait until the word Covid is past vernacular . . . and those masks . . . and “ social distancing ” is in the rear - view mirror. Covid has particularly impacted the Lifestyle Depart- ment ’ s social events and my hat ’ s off to Alyssa Torres, Clarisa Robles, and their staff. As the protocols changed, sometimes on the day of an event, they had to make decisions which impacted the comfort of those who attended. Ironically, the moving of events to the El Saguaro pool deck proved to be popular and there are plans to have some events, perhaps on a monthly basis, held there next season. My thanks to both Richard and Maria Camacho, the operators of Bella Roma, for their efforts as well as Jamie Wal, of Gourmet Passions, for tremendous flexibility as they responded to the needs of each event and made the season successful. I trust you were not too inconvenienced as you attended. When you return next season, we hope to have yet another reason to look forward to your return, besides the absence of Covid. Major projects are a resurfacing of the La Palma pool deck, a replacing or repainting of the fences and freshened general appearance at the Satellites, but most of all, repair of curb & gutters, over- lays, and seal coating of the roadways at the south end of the Resort. I guarantee that you will be pleasantly surprised how much a newly surfaced road enhances the appearance of the community. As we embark on the 1 st phase of a three - year improvement, scheduled to start after the first of May, there will be inconvenience to those still here, but it will be worth it. New Board members will be finding their way and learning how best to serve the needs of the community, all the while under a Corporate style. I wish them the best at forming a team which can compromise, as possible, and gain consensus so that smooth decisions can be made. Zoom, which has dominated meetings this year, can still be used in the most efficient way, but there is nothing like in - person meetings to get the personal touch and I look forward to shaking hands as we resume greeting each other at Board meetings held at the La Palma Clubhouse. Most of all, however, I appreciated the welcome to the Resort as I started my tenure here, now a little more than a year. While I know that I have not yet experienced the full - on season, with full occupancy, the learning experience was interesting none - the - less. The words of support as well as correction were a reinforcement as we embarked on a renewal of “ Ladies & Gentlemen Serving Ladies & Gentlemen. ” Let me apologize if we didn ’ t fulfill that credo, but it will not deter us from trying better down the road. I look forward to sending you updates electronically as we improve the Resort during the summer. If you are not on the Constant Contact distribution list, please notify Jennifer Miranda, Resort Services Manager & Assistant to the Board, at jmiranda@orps.com. Until next season, be safe and well. Ed Vitrano

The Unsung Heroes of our Park The unsung heroes of ORPS have got to be our own security force. Our in - house security has been in place for three seasons now, put in place after some years of major problems with an outside contractor. The cost is about a wash, and the service much improved! Before the change, the owners lost about 165 bikes per season to theft. With active patrol, this season, only 3 bikes were stolen. In those old days, there were homeless folks living behind the entrance fountains, and sleeping bags and food were often found in the pump rooms at the satellites. Now, only about 3 people a month are escorted off the property, and as a result, theft and garbage problems are way down.

There are 10 full time guards, with two on duty at all times around the clock. They are assigned to one of three shifts. One is always on patrol, and one always staffs the Gate House. The patrol person has a long list of duties, with over 100 door locks to check each night. His or her first duty coming on shift is to check the entire perimeter wall for breeches. Then it is on to checking each roadway, and each lot for any suspicious indicators. The Gate House officer deals with more than 1000 vehicles per day entering the resort. Covid has created a whole new list of duties for our team, including mask enforcement and also checking in new arrivals in a contactless manner. As Covid fades, more efforts can go to the speeding problems and the problems with dogs, which always brings lots of complaints to our security team. Asked what we could do to help, Chief Frank said,

“ Lock it up, or stash it away. That helps us a lot. ”

DO IT NOW! Don't go through the ORPS phone menus! Put this in your phone now, Security Direct Line 760 - 770 - 0065

Dan Hannah Safety & Security Chair



APRIL 2021

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