April Oracle 2021

Summary of Important Rules Approved RV ’ s - Only Motorhomes, Fifth Wheels, and House Trailers are allowed in the resort. Other RV ’ s such as park models, truck campers, vans, tents, pop - up campers, tiny homes, etc, are not allowed. (See Covenants, Conditions and Restrictions, Section 6.2; Rules and Regulations, Section 2B) Minimum RV Length - Minimum RV length is 24 ft. Travel Trailers are measured from the front cap to the rear cap. (See Rules and Regulations, Section 2A) Occupancy Limit - No more than 3 persons can occupy a lot overnight. (See Covenants, Conditions and Restrictions, Sections 6.1.A; and Rules and Regulations, Section 13B) Overnight Guests - Overnight guests are allowed up to a total of 6 persons in the RV, for a period not to exceed 14 days, in three non - consecutive instance periods in a year. (Rules and Regulations, Section 13B) Pet Limits - No more than 2 pets can reside on a lot. Please make other arrangement for additional pets. Pets must be leashed and not walked on common areas except streets. (See Rules and Regulations, Section 3 – Pets) Parking Limits - Only three vehicles are allowed (cars, carts, motorcycles) and all must fit on the lot overnight. (See Rules and Regulation, Section 7 – Motor Vehicles.) Lot Improvement Permits - Permits are required for any modifications to RV lots, including landscaping, electrical, plumbing, steps, fences, etc. (See Architecture and Aesthetics Rules)

Selling your Lot and RV RV ’ s must be inspected before sale. This may trigger a painting project of up to $5000. Friends painted their very nice 2006 5 th wheel last season and put the lot and RV on the market. The severe heat and sun over the summer created additional paint damage. In hindsight, it would have been better to wholesale the RV. Realtors tell us that it is usually easier to find a buyer for a vacant lot than it is to find a buyer for the lot and RV because so many buyers already have an RV or there is a newer RV they want to buy. KARV (www.gokarv.com) operates a RV sales lot in Desert Hot Springs and will make you a cash offer or take the RV on consignment. Simply send them photos of your RV to start the process. Permits for Summer Work Please file your permit requests as soon as possible so that approval can be issued while our volunteers are in the resort. It ’ s best to get an early approval of your plan, and then the committee will work with you on any changes as project matures. This will avoid delays in your approval and our contractors like to know they have a full list of projects for the summer. End of Season Preparation When you read this in early April it is time to plan your exit from the resort. Be sure to buy quality furniture covers at Home Depot before they sell out. Also have your hedges trimmed while you can supervise. High temperatures and irrigation cause rapid growth in the summer. Also, February ’ s high winds knocked a lot of bark off the Washingtonian Palms at the front of our lots. Be sure to store away your dog fences and privacy screens. Driveway Chains One of the unsightly features of our resort is the wide variety of driveway fences that are erected over the summer. We see the chains propped up by Home Depot buckets, orange safety cones, and concrete blocks. Swim noodles and tennis balls decorate the chain. Plastic chains get brittle and break in the sun. The Board of Directors will be looking at making an A&A change that will require pulling the chains tight between the two posts and eliminating the home - made center props. We invite you to get a head start by cleaning up your driveway chain installation and improving our resort Aesthetics. Charlie Leahy A&A Chair



APRIL 2021

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