Issue 120

Q: What is your role in TGC Management Committee and what is your vision for the club? I am involved as Chairman of the Business Development Committee. I wanted to transform the club with fresh innovative ideas in facilities and programmes tomeet the new demands of a younger generation. I believe that the club should be inviting, with excellent customer service. Members need to feel a sense of pride in their membership while they rest, relax and enjoy the facilities and services available. Apar t from the regular cafe, Muslim and Chinese restaurants, gym and spa, we recently introduced prawn fishing and alfreso dining with liquor. Given the competing offers from other social clubs, we are still re-inventing the wheel to explore what more can be done with the limited space at the club.

We have been toying with the idea of creating a mini pool for kids in front of the club. All these require funds and an extension of the current lease is a prerequisite for any long-term planning. Our grassroots leaders will bear witness to the club’s good name. We need to makeTGC a household name, attract new members and grow our existing membership base. In order to do this, I believe branding is crucial. From communication and customer service to wholesome, welcoming, attractive signboards are all crucial basics for establishing a club’s overall image — the star t of a holistic and appealing image for the club. Standalone SOHO (Small Office, Home Office) workspaces are available at TGC where members and visitors can do their work without interruptions. This, for example, will help us attract more members.

We need members to help think out of the box to come up with ideas. Digital innovation has become the new normal and our youth’s natural affinity with technology and all things digital cannot be overlooked. We must evolve to keep up with the times. It may be easier said than done. It is still work in progress! Q: What are your favourite hangout spots at The Grassroots’ Club and why? The cafe, members’ room as well as gym and spa are my favourite areas. I enjoy having a quiet space to do my work or to meet my friends. I also use the gym for workouts followed by a refreshing and relaxing dip in the spa. I also enjoy club activities like durian par ties, BBQs and Chinese New Year dinners. Through these, I also get to meet, become friends and exchange ideas with other grassroots leaders.

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