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LIVEWELL, LAUGH MORE This ar ticle was contributed by Tan Kok Yam. He is a Workplace Safety and Health professional, an active citizen and a believer of lifelong learning. 2. Reward yourself.

To learn more, consider seeking guidance from Active Health, an initiative by Spor t Singapore ( 4. Nourish your mind. I recommend reading a good book. Best of all, you do not always have to buy books; instead, you may borrow them from the library! You may also use the Internet for information to enrich yourself too. Without a doubt, whatever will be, will be.We don’t have complete control over anything. This is a reality. I choose to be flexible. Live in the present, learn from the past and plan for the future. A teacher asked his student about the weight of a bottle of mineral water in his hand. It weighed only 600 grams but as he held it for a prolonged period of time, it seemed to become heavier. Similarly, if we set our load down and rest for a moment, it’s easier to pick it up again and continue our journey. In other words, we need to slow down at times, and rest before we can go on again, or even accelerate. We only have one life. Do not sell our life at the expense of our job. Work-life balance is essential. Work diligently and conscientiously, and be mindful that as one problem is solved, we will soon be confronted with another challenge. So, instead of casting everything other than work aside now, let’s learn to live in the present, reflect on the past and prepare for the future. Live well, laugh more.

Thank goodness, it’s Friday. Looking at this app message the previous Friday…I felt at ease with the thought of a nice weekend ahead.The very thought of being able to put down my workload after a couple of hours put me at ease and reduced my stress. On the contrary, on Monday morning, with the whole working week ahead, I feel less ecstatic but more prepared to face the days to come. I believe many of us share the same experience, and yet we continue to go through this circle of life on a daily basis. I have come to terms with this. It strains both our physical and mental capacities as it affects how we feel: whether we feel happy, relaxed, composed, agitated or constantly worried. While there are many factors that can affect how we feel, we can live and adopt a lifestyle that is more pleasant for us. Let me share my experience with a few pointers as a guide: 1 . During the course of the day, take small breaks. If you are confined to a desk and are continuously working on a computer, take appropriate breaks to stretch yourself. Walk to the pantry or kitchen for a drink; have a tea break alone or with coworkers. Many tasks, par ticularly those requiring coordination and information exchange, can be completed during the so-called tea or team break. It can lead to you being productive even when you’re relaxing.

Midweek or midway through a hectic time period seems to be an appropriate time to treat ourselves. Gather your buddies to chill out and enjoy your ‘happy hour’ after a hard day’s work. Pre-COVID, I enjoyed shor t vacations to nearby places such as Malaysia and Indonesia. Every other year, I would also reward myself with trips to far ther destinations, which include free- and-easy travelling with the intention to experience how others live in their par t of the world. 3. Pay attention to your health. Exercise, in addition to its physical advantages, aids in the reduction of mental stress. I brisk-walk frequently, and this is an exercise you can do during the work day. Instead of taking a feeder bus, walk the extra distance to your train station. When you have the option, use the stairs instead of the elevator. This manner, you may incorporate exercise into your regular routine. Do not ignore other aspects besides physical exercise. Sleep and having proper rest is impor tant to our health. I require six to eight hours of sleep everyday. Listen to your body especially if you feel lethargic, or star t becoming forgetful -- you may be sleep deprived. Take care of your nutritional intake and eating habits (like drinking a cup of water before every meal, having a balanced diet, etc). Have screen time breaks. Many of us, my past self included, sleep with our mobile phones near us. Any vibration will be answered as if it is an urgent call.This does not have to be the case!

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