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“ How Have You Designed Your Life Through Real Estate? ”

“For 17 years, I was a school teacher. My curiosity for real estate sparked during those summers when I had time off from teaching. I began fix and flipping houses each summer just to earn a little income and to keep myself busy. Real estate has allowed us to go on vacations, to buy those things our regular income did not support. One summer I made more in real estate investments than I did in an entire year of teaching. It made me reassess what I was doing in my life and whether I was going to remain a teacher or do this full time. REI gave me the courage to quit my teaching position and jump in with both feet into real estate. I believe I have been able to ‘teach’ my kids and others more by doing real estate full time than being a full-time teacher. There are only so many things you can teach in a classroom. The life experiences and business sense you need to have as an Entrepreneur is not being taught and is much easier to learn when you are younger. Real estate investing has far exceeded the vision I had for my life. I was truly happy with REI being just a side gig for awhile until it surpassed my income for a whole year in such a short period of time. I now have the ability to have true freedom: to do what I want, when I want with whomever I want. I truly feel like I am living the American Dream. I have been able to build a company that can keep things going while I am enjoying true freedom.”


Real estate investing has far exceeded the vision I had for my life.

—Susan Harper, partner and business coach for Sharper Business Solutions.

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