W hy did you get in the game of real estate? More time, more money? Chances are your WHY includes those two things — and probably many other reasons too. Whether you’re a seasoned investor or someone searching for your first deal, the beauty of real estate holds true for all levels of investors: you can design the life you want if you make smart investments. One way to be smarter about your REI deals, is through your business operations and management. Knowing that sometimes it’s not what you make, it’s what you save that can put more profit in your portfolio, savvy real estate investors take advantage of any dis- count that could enhance their real estate deals. The Think Realty Supplier Program is one of many perks available to Think Realty members, and this pro- gram is one of the deals destined to save investors time and money. By partnering with companies that have a nationwide footprint and that offer quality products or services beneficial to real estate investors, Think Realty can pass savings on to its members. We are devoting this month’s cover story to our valued suppliers who provide real estate investors like you with exclusive discounts or benefits that in turn help grow your business and increase profitability. Read on to find out about these companies and what they offer that could help you do business more effectively, taking you down the path of a life YOU design. Only those who join Think Realty, including the FREE level of membership, are eligible to participate in the program. Visit and click on Discounts. DesigningYour Real Estate Life How to be investor-savvy to design the life you desire

16 | think realty magazine :: july 2020

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