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or real estate investors, the task of tax preparation may seem

Protection for Real Estate Investors,” Coons said he enjoys distilling com- plicated law and tax structures into simple terms for clients. Often, inves- tors are stressed for fear of overpaying in taxes or not reaping the return they deserve. Founded in 1993, Anderson Busi- ness Advisors is a business planning and consulting firm that focuses on asset protection for real estate investors and other enterprises. With offices in Las Vegas and Tacoma, Washington, Anderson has realized steady growth over the years thanks

not only to dedicated service but also its leadership’s diverse experience. If you’ve attended Think Realty events, you might have heard Coons speak on entity planning and tax strategies that can save real estate investors time and money. He is a valued Think Realty Resident Expert who is always willing to help others and teach them best practices for their business. • Think Realty members can reap strategic benefits through Anderson Advisors’ free Tax and Asset Protection Strategy Session – a $750 value! Learn more at


even more daunting. When owning a handful of properties, operating several businesses, earning income from various states, and navigating ever-shifting regulations, taxes for investors can quickly get complex. But for Clint Coons, founding partner with Anderson Business Advisors, therein lies one of his greatest joys: Helping people navigate and succeed in the convoluted world of business planning and tax strategy. An attorney and author of “Asset

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