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anting to grow your house-flip - ping business? Need to keep up

door surface maintenance rental fleet in the industry, with both commercial and residential cleaning and resto- ration equipment. Sunbelt is offering two free webi- nars in July exclusive to Think Realty members: Concrete 101 and Grow Your Business. Why you maywant to attend the Concrete 101 Webinar Gain professional insight on: • Concrete properties and surface profiles

most popular flooring options today. The skill sets needed are easily at- tainable with well-defined processes. Learn three new revenue streams: • Prepping concrete for a coating or topping • Polishing concrete • Maintaining polished concrete. Other Sunbelt Rentals programs and services that could help your real estate investing business include: SAFETY TRAINING Sunbelt aims to provide customers with the knowledge they need to keep their job sites safe. TOOL FLEX™ Rent and exchange qualifying tools and equipment as often as you want and in the quantity you need for one flat monthly fee. Think Realty members can save up to 20 percent on equipment rentals at Sunbelt. Visit to register for these exclusive, free webinars.


to date with safety protocols? Want to enhance your properties with differ- ent flooring options? Think Realty Supplier Sunbelt Rentals can help with these tasks, and more. Sunbelt Rentals is one of the largest rental companies in North America. With 12 specialty divisions, Sunbelt Rentals offers a highly diver- sified product mix including general construction equipment, industrial tools, pumps, power generation, climate control & HVAC, shoring solutions, scaffolding, remediation & restoration equipment, and more. The company brings value to real estate investors who like to renovate properties for resale by offering a wide range of equipment and solu- tions without the financial concerns of ownership. For example, Sunbelt’s Flooring Solutions Specialty Division offers the single largest, indoor/out-

• Selecting equipment and tooling for all levels of con- crete grinding and polishing • Prepping for coatings • Concrete polishing

Why you maywant to attend the GrowYour BusinessWebinar

Polished concrete is one of the

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