Your business needs processes and systems so the company and employees can depend on those systems and not solely on you.

• Get help. There are lots of ways to get help and one of those ways is you can hire a business consultant. Most of the time leaders of com- panies figure out they don’t currently have the in-house expertise that is needed. So, if you lack the exper- tise, time, or resources then hiring someone could be the most import- ant decision you make to effecting change in your business. NEXT STEP: TAKEACTION It’s important you act now. Pro- crastinating will just make your sit- uation worse, and your total reliance on yourself to manage your business will soon start costing you money if it has not already. How much does it cost you to lose a lead, continue costly rehabs that are over timelines, or pay more money to your lender because your projects are taking too long? Starting this process will help you resolve that problem and take your life back from your business without you hav- ing to go out of business. •

scenario: your best employee leaves. Today, that event might be a night- mare. With the right systems in place, however, it can be a sad event rather than a disaster. Here’s how the best- case version of this negative scenario might go, thanks to your business systems: Your best employee tells you they are leaving. You’re sad. You’re going to miss him. Thank goodness, the business won’t suffer! Thanks to your training systems, you were able to hire someone else who shares your vision for the company and plugged right into the process and system your company built. Training new em- ployees is nearly stress-free because you have documented processes and procedures that can be used for train- ing. You make the hire, then get back to work “on” the business and vision instead of “in” the business putting out fires and fixing problems. If that scenario sounds good to you but you cannot imagine how to make it happen, then don’t give up. The solution is as simple as asking yourself some simple, albeit tough, questions: • If you were to take time away, would your business run smoothly? • Are you constantly interrupted by calls and emails all about daily issues? • Do your employees seem to lack directions and resources? How do you know for sure?

The answers to these questions will help you identify where you need to start putting systems in place.

SYSTEMSAREACREATIVE PROCESS You might think a system is the least creative thing in the world, but creating a system is truly an art, and, like all art, it can be difficult to get started. Creating sound business processes is hard work but still needs to get done. There are a ton of things that must get documented with high level process maps. Then you need to define roles and responsibilities and accountability charts. Where do you find the time? Clients will understand why you can’t take care of their needs because you now need to document processes and procedures, right? Maybe not. Plus, you barely have enough resources to get all the work done daily. Stop! This line of thinking is dan- gerous, and it leads to the result of continuing to do nothing, which is part of the problem. You need to be a part of the solution, not the problem. You Have Two Tough Options • Dig in and just get it done. Ask your employees to work harder or pay overtime and add one more ball to your juggling act and hope you don’t drop one. If you can accomplish this, then you will see a great return on the time you invest.

With decades of experience in managerial roles for Fortune 500 companies, Think Realty Resident Expert and co-owner of Sharper Busi-

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