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This month, we celebrate our independence and the Founding Fathers’ vision for a nation defined by liberty and equality. The earnest conviction of those men in 1776 has been carried forward by the bravery of generations of men and women who boldly stood up to defend the ideals of life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness throughout our nation’s 242-year history. It is because of their sacrifices that our nation is the great melting pot of cultures, ideas, and aspirations it is today. When I was a kid growing up on the farm, we celebrated the Fourth of July with an annual church cookout. Every family would bring their dish and enjoy the warm weather. Some of the other kids and I used to submerge watermelons to chill in the creek that ran through the church grounds. To this day, when I think of the Fourth of July, I can almost taste ice-cold melon. As I’ve mentioned in my Mother’s Day article, my wife comes from a military family. Both of her parents served in the Navy, and she served in the Air Force, so we take patriotism very seriously. We love getting together with our relatives and honoring the service members who protect our freedoms today. And thanks

to those freedoms, we can have a great time showing our gratitude.

When we celebrated our first Fourth of July potluck in California, thousands of miles away from the people I had grown up celebrating with, it was incredibly moving to be spending the holiday in much the same way I had as a child in Alabama. That’s what real unity looks like.

These days, we like to spend the Fourth in Florida. We get the whole family together and go down to the marina to watch the fireworks over the water. I love seeing the smiles on my kids’

“I love seeing the smiles on my kids’ faces and knowing they’re creating Independence Day memories of their own.”

faces and knowing they’re creating Independence Day memories of their own. I know that wherever they go in this great big world, they’ll always remember watching the bursts of red, white, and blue from the dockside. That’s the beautiful thing about the holiday; folks from coast to coast have similar memories and traditions. I learned just how powerful the Fourth could be for bringing people together when I moved with my wife to California. As I’ve mentioned in previous articles, my wife was stationed at an airbase outside of San Francisco. Neither of us had any relatives that far out west, but we did have our church family.

I’m sure you and yours have a favorite way to spend Independence Day. I’d be honored to hear about it. Feel free to send me an email. Bonus points if you include a barbecue recipe I haven’t heard of. To all current and former members of our military at home or abroad, thank you for your service.

God bless America,



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Cookie Dough: Is It Really Bad for You?

The Largest Sweeping Tax Change Since 1986! Tax Cuts & Jobs Act 2017 (TCJA)

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The Founding Fathers

This may be the only time that this newsletter will talk about tax evasion in a positive light. Of course, the members of the Second Continental Congress had far more on their minds than saving themselves a few shillings when they signed the Declaration of Independence and created a sovereign United States. But taxes are our specialty, and we can’t help but acknowledge the bravery these men showed in standing up to an unjust system. We all remember the story of the Boston Tea Party from elementary school history, when patriotic protesters boarded British ships and tossed their cargo into the harbor. This and similar acts of defiance across the 13 Colonies were in response to tariffs and taxations imposed on colonists by the British Parliament. This taxation without representation lit the sparks of revolution across America.

in open rebellion of your king and country. Signing the Declaration of Independence was no less than a death sentence, should the revolution fail. And yet John Adams, Benjamin Franklin, Thomas Jefferson, John Hancock, and the 52 other delegates to the Continental Congress signed their names anyway. These men believed in creating a fair system of government where the people have a voice, including in taxation. It’s important to note that these signers and the other Founding Fathers who framed and fought for our nation were well-off before the revolution. They were merchants, politicians, lawyers, farmers, and doctors. Yet they chose to risk life and limb and abandon their lives of relative comfort to take a stand against injustice and create the United States of America.

seem relentless at times, but they are far and away better than the Red Coats. As citizens of the U.S., we always have options. There are plenty of avenues within our tax laws that you can use to get square with the IRS. We help folks do it every day.

Part of their legacy is the tax system we have today. The IRS can

It’s one thing to try to avoid paying taxes. It’s another to stand



This take on the classic Italian sausage and peppers uses fully cooked Polish kielbasa so you can prep the kabobs and bring them to your next cookout.


2 pounds fully cooked smoked kielbasa

• • • •

3 red bell peppers

2 cloves garlic, minced

• •

2 large onions

1/4 cup olive oil

2 green bell peppers

Salt and pepper, to taste


1. Heat grill to medium. 2. In a small bowl, combine oil, garlic, and a pinch of salt and pepper. 3. Cut pepper, onion, and kielbasa into 1-inch chunks. 4. Thread onto skewers, alternating ingredients. 5. Brush with oil mixture and grill, covered, 10–12 minutes.

[NOTE: If using bamboo skewers, soak in water for 30 minutes before threading to prevent burning.]

[inspired by Good Housekeeping






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Summertime is for swimming, but why settle for a community pool when you can have access to the most beautiful swimming locales in the world? These three exclusive, little-known spots are sure to take your breath away. Secret Swimming Holes of the World Exclusive Spots You Must See to Believe

Dos Ojos, Mexico

Hali’i Falls, Hawaii

Dos Ojos, Mexico

The Baths, Virgin Gorda

With its spiral staircase of waterfalls, this remote jungle location offers up more than one unique spot to take a plunge. Visitors never fail to be awestruck by the deep blue- green hue of each pool created by the four cascading waterfalls. Hali’i means “to spread out,” which is precisely what each waterfall does, showcasing a serene experience unlike any other. But the beauty of this one-of- a-kind experience is only outdone by its exclusivity. To reach these pools, you’ll have to hike through dense forest, deep marshes, and wide-open pastures of sugar cane.

The Spanish translation of the name for this magical system of caves is “two eyes,” and you’ll want to have yours checked after you see this swimming hole. When limestone bedrock collapses, a sinkhole called a “cenote” is formed. The unearthed water from the natural aquifer balances a color palette of earth tones with the most majestic shades of blue you’ll ever behold. The calling cards for these bodies of water are the Blue Eye and the Black Eye. Both offer unforgettable experiences, but the price of entry is a hefty sense of adventure. You’ll need a full set of scuba gear to get to either hole.

A day in the Caribbean is like living every moment inside a beautiful pastel painting. The elegance of this location in the British Virgin Islands will make you feel like you’ve been transported into a cathedral. The large boulders and natural rock formations create shallow caves that will captivate your eyes as you wade through the water in wonder. When you exit, you’ll witness the sight that gives this beautiful spot its name. A handful of 40-foot granite boulders form private pools as if that was what they were made for.


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