ImotionPT_Is Your Balance Setting Your Up For An Injury

5 reasons for our decline in balance: 1. Changes in our vestibular system 2. Changes in muscle mass, flexibility and strength 3. Changes in eyesight 4. Diminishing reflexes 5. Previous injuries to ankle, knee, hip or spinal joints

Patient Spotlight

I owe them a lot and they brought back a smile to my face. “I had a car accident on Sept 2, 2015 and it caused me to have an L5-S1 protrusion. I started having back pains and tingling/numbness on my legs almost every day. I also couldn’t tolerate sitting, driving, and standing for long periods of time. I was seen by an orthopedic surgeon and he recommended me to see a physical therapist. My mom searched for a physical therapist that can accommodate late visits at night and she found iMotion Physical Therapy on Google. I thank God for this place and for blessing me with good people and therapists (Kashmira and Ray) because I improved a lot more than I expected. They are wonderful people and very knowledgeable with their profession. I am back with most of my regular activities with little or no pain at all. This company is very lucky to have staff like Michele, Kashmira, and Ray. I owe them a lot and they brought back a smile to my face. Thank you very much.” -Donna

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