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On Nov. 11, AM 560 The Answer hosted the Freedom Summit 2017. The Summit’s purpose was to encourage conservatives, Republicans, libertarians, and tea partyers to come together for one day to explore what it will take to move America forward in our current political environment. The election of Donald Trump altered the political landscape, and all parties were stunned by the outcome of the election. President Trump and his administration have set a bold agenda for the country, but at every turn, President Trump faces opposition. The media remains obsessed with the potential of Russian collusion, and Democrats seem satisfied to obstruct any and all legislation. Some Republicans remain skeptical of President Trump’s course of action, and regardless of the gridlock in Washington, Americans want change.

"I was also able to speak about tax reform in a breakout session, which 200 people attended!"

Many prestigious people were invited to speak at the Summit, including Dinesh D’Souza, Lt., Col. Oliver North, Buck Sexton, Joe Walsh, Dan Profit, Amy Jacobson, Jay Caruso, and Emily Zanotti. Each speaker presented excellent, thoughtful, and informative speeches, and all of the attendees were left with something to chew on for a few days afterward.

Opem Tax Resolution was able to sponsor the event and man a booth. I was also able to speak about tax reform in a breakout session, which 200 people attended! My nephew, Jimmy, son, Jake, and mom attended the event and my presentation. It was an honor and a lot of fun to have them there. I met a ton of great people, and I also had about 100 people sign up for the newsletter! It was an honor to be invited to speak alongside some amazing presenters, and I look forward to the possibility of speaking at the next summit. I hope you had a wonderful New Year's. We will see you soon.


–Steven Leahy


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