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This Opt-In Optimization Tool Asks the Question

Most small businesses want print and digital communication for their overall marketing strategy. Like mashed potatoes and gravy, it’s just more effective to use both together. When it comes to the digital side, what marketing

When your invite to the customer goes live, OptinMonster reports back interesting data that can also affect your entire marketing strategy. Which pop- ups execute the most conversions? Is it the invitation to download your e-book, or obtain a free quote? Does this wording get more people to sign up for your mailing list, or another wording? OptinMonster will report back with all the stats you need to make your pop-up campaigns as effective as possible.

tools can you use to turn website visitors into potential customers? After all, on average, about 70 percent of your website visitors will never visit again.

OptinMonster, a web plugin, is an extremely helpful resource to increase conversion on your website or app. It allows you to create custom opt-in forms that invite the visitor to interact with you — sign up for your email list, order your e-book, enter a free giveaway, or whatever you’d like. Its simplicity and effectiveness makes it our resource of the month. When we say simple, this is what we mean: When you use OptinMonster, you can have a custom pop-up form ready for your website

The interface is clean, simple, and as aggressive as you want it to be. You can set the settings to allow for pop- ups on first-time visitors only, or call for a second pop-up to appear if they move their cursor toward the close button. You have a variety of settings to play with until you find your ideal formula.

If you’re looking to increase conversions on your website, you can learn more

about this killer tool by visiting their website,

in minutes. It’s that quick and simple. You choose and customize a template to your liking, write simple copy, choose simple settings, such as when it will pop up and for whom, and then go online with it.

OptinMonster integrates easily with WordPress,

Infusionsoft, Google analytics, and most other software, and is mobile-friendly.

Opem Tax Resolutions and The Law Office of Steven A. Leahy, PC celebrated Christmas with a lunch from Da Lobsta restaurant. Da Lobsta is a River North eatery famous for their lobster rolls and hush puppies — our favorite lunch. Our team, (pictured left to right) Mike, Ida, Suzanna, Bonnie, Teresa, and Attorney Leahy, enjoyed the lobster and camaraderie. We are rested and ready to take on the IRS on your behalf.


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