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Is It Summer Without the Sun? TRUCK Tribune

It’s hard to believe the year is already half over! I look back and wonder where all the time went. One thing that has been constant since January is the weather. I don’t know how it’s been in other places around the country, but there is one word I could use to describe Indiana these past six months: wet. I know I’m preaching to the choir, but it’s been hard to get things done with all of this rain. Everything is so waterlogged. As we put this newsletter together, I’m looking at the weather forecast and seeing even more rain —maybe a day here or there with some sun. And along with all this rain coming down on the Hare Truck Center, we’ve had our fair share of tears. It almost seems like the gloomy weather has been appropriate. Over the past few months, we’ve lost two members of the Truck Center family. As I shared in the May/June edition of the newsletter, we lost Jeff Gigure. He was a great man and a wonderful technician. In June, we lost Scott

McBroom, who was a member of our service team. Inside this issue, you’ll find memories of Scott shared by members of the team. In addition to Jeff and Scott, my family had a personal loss as well —my 93-year-old grandmother. We were very close. It’s been tough, but we’re working through it as a family. I thank everyone for their thoughts and support. Despite the losses and teary eyes, we want to acknowledge the positive. As tough as it’s been, everyone at the Truck Center continues to work as hard as ever. Business has been booming, and we’ve been seeing a lot of new and returning customers. I want to thank our team for their hard work and dedication, and our customers, who help make the Hare Truck Center what it is! As we put together this newsletter, we’re also getting ready for the Fourth of July. By the time you read this, the Fourth will have come and gone, but we’re hoping for a good one! We’re all ready for some much-needed sunshine, family

Todd and Grandma

to it. But these kinds of things are important. Even though life may get you down from time to time, you can’t forget the small successes. As for my family, well, the kids have been out of school and having a lot of fun. They’ve been off to camp and spending time with family, so they’ve been plenty busy. You can be sure we’ll be keeping them busy through the rest of the summer. With that, we hope you had a fun and safe Fourth! And here’s to a great second half of the year — with dry skies and dry eyes! -Todd Thurston Sales Manager

time, food off the grill, and fireworks. We really need a good celebration to help get us back on track. Speaking of celebrations, we try to hold a cookout every fewmonths or so with the folks at the Truck Center. It’s a cookout and pitch in. We haven’t really done that these past fewmonths. Life got ahead of us, and we haven’t caught back up

Congratulations to the commercial sales team; all three were Chevy Mark of Excellence Winners! Pictured left-right: Roger Hicks (4), Todd Thurston (5), Kevin Engerski (1)

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