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IRS Terror Tale of the Month

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IRS Terror Tale of the Month Courtney Love Singing the IRS Blues

Former lead singer for the group Hole, Courtney Love is in the hole with the IRS to the tune of $2.4 million. Love owes back taxes for 2017, 2018, 2019, 2020, and 2021. The bills totals $1.9 million owed to the IRS, and half a million owed to the state of California. According to singer Love, one reason she can’t pay off her liens from the IRS is because of her addictions, specifically her addiction to spending money. “It isn’t a big secret that I suffer from the disease of addiction — in particular, financial stress tends to make me go cuckoo-bananas if I’m triggered by it,” Love wrote in the Financial Times, speaking about her “overspending” and addictive personality.

Drugs and poor money management may also have played a role in her financial state. To complicate matters further, much of the fortune Love has played fast and loose with over the years was inherited from her late husband Kurt Cobain, who passed away in 1994. SK Pop reports her net worth of roughly $100 million comes from her ownership of Cobain’s band Nirvana, his writing and publishing rights, and his possessions. (Speaking of possessions, Love is also locked in a legal battle with her ex-son-in-law over one of Cobain’s guitars and an alleged kidnapping plot … but that’s another story.)

As we write this, there’s no word yet on how Courtney Love is handling the IRS pressure, but she is back in the studio trying to finish up an album she’s been working on for a while. And, who knows, maybe she’s switched from Grunge Rock to singing the Blues.

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