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Vol 8. Edition 5

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Under the Microscope Stores have stories! We take a closer look at the stores and people in your neighborhood, to get a better picture of their love for cannabis and dedication to community. COOKIES - PUEBLO, CO Cookies is renowned, not only locally, but nationally due to their viral branding. With signature inhouse strains like Cereal Milk, Otter Popz and Lemonchello, this is the place for frosty terps galore, where you smoke your favorite dessert! Cookies originally hails from San Fran- cisco, built around the wildly famous Girl Scout Cookies (GSC) strain sold everywhere. Today we look at their Pueblo location. Founded April 2021 Store Hours 8am -10pm Mission "Customer Service is our priority; we build lasting relationships with our customers."

Signature Specials Every Day:

• Wake 'N Bake 8-10am, 15% o • Happy Hour 7-10pm, 15% o Daily Deals: • Munchie Monday • Topical Tuesday • Waxy Wednesday • Terpy ursday • Flower Friday • Pick Your Daily Deal Saturday • Self Care Sunday Signature Cookies Strains

Pink Pineapple, Hawaiian Rain, Sherbert, Cereal Milk, Laughing Gas, Red Velvet, Blue Bubble Gum, Honey Comb, Choclava, Ooh La La, Lemon Pound Cake, Dying Dream Recommended/Sta Favorite Georgia Pie - Potent hybrid known for hav- ing a delicious aroma that smells and tastes like fresh peach cobbler. Intense body and head high. Relieves symptoms associated with chronic pain, inammation, insomnia, and much more.


Steve Duran is a pioneer in the regulated cannabis indus- try, bringing the rst licensed cannabis facility to the City of Pueblo in Colorado, eventually turning his lifelong dedication to marijuana into one of the most successful dispensaries in Pueblo. Raised in Pueblo by a single mother, Steve found can- nabis at a young age and spent his teenage years in and out of juvenile detention facilities. When medical marijuana dispen- saries started popping up across Colorado in 2009, Steve saw an opportunity to pursue his passion without risking jail time. Starting as a caregiver growing for local patients and a dis- pensary employee, Steve mastered every facet of the industry, using those skills to pursue his own dispensary. Steve, without any assistance from investors, took the steps to bring his vision to life. With the help of his wife Monique, Steve cut through the miles of regulatory red tape to open the rst-ever medical dispensary in Pueblo City, transitioning to recreational sales just two years later with one of the rst 8 adult-use licenses in the City of Pueblo. To date Steve currently owns ve licenses including a Social Equity license in the State of Colorado. “I want people like me to know there is a path, if you're willing to work your ass o, you can make it happen.”

Story & photo provided by Cookies-Pueblo

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