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November/December 2019


With National Men Make Dinner Day falling on the first Thursday of November

the cooking shows I watch, but I just find this approach more fun and practical.

a couple times a week to share a meal. We put our phones away, get rid of all other distractions, and just enjoy one another’s company. What we’ve realized as the years have gone by is that quality matters so much more than quantity, and our weekly dinners are the perfect occasions to have that quality time together. So, if you’re a parent with younger kids and are worried about the number of times you can sit down at the table together, I encourage you to aim for a few, good, distraction-free dinners rather than feeling bad about not sitting down together every night. This month, we’ll have the opportunity to extend that quality time with the rest of our family when we get together for Thanksgiving. While we typically do a potluck type of holiday get-together, I have to admit that I’m one of the few people who enjoys making a full Thanksgiving meal, including the turkey and all the delicious side dishes. I understand why a lot of people might complain about the process, but I honestly find it relaxing. I can’t wait to celebrate this year!

and Thanksgiving falling on the last, it’s safe to say the focus of most people’s households this month is food. While everyone in my family certainly gets excited for the holiday season

Now that my boys are older and my husband and I are still busy

professionals, we’ve mostly resorted to cooking for ourselves. Especially since my

husband and I started consuming a primarily vegetarian diet consisting

each year, our regular cooking routine during the week is a little different than most.

mostly of salads and vegetables, my sons don’t want

to eat what we eat!

When our boys were younger, my parents lived with us, and, since I was busy at work during the day, they would take on the responsibility of cooking. While I appreciated their efforts, being spoiled with all their delicious meals got me into the habit of only cooking dinner on the weekends. I’d start by looking in the fridge to see what we had, and then I’d come up with a meal we could enjoy around the table together. I do have some Persian recipes I return to often, which usually include tasty dishes consisting of rice, lima beans or lentils, and dill, or my favorite stew I made with eggplant. But for the most part, my modus operandi for cooking is really just based on what is available. It might be all

My husband and I typically share the responsibility of cooking dinner, but one thing that is wonderful about our routine (especially in regard to National Men Make Dinner Day) is that my husband packs me lunch to take to work every day. In that

way, neither of us have set expectations of what we will eat. Instead, we are just appreciative of the work someone puts into creating a nice meal. While we do eat separately from my kids now that they are older, we still make sure to get together

To you and your family, Happy Thanksgiving!

–Dr. Alexa Alborzi

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