Paradigm: Living Life Without Back Pain


IMPORTANT ANNOUNCEMENT! PLEASE READ Occasionally, a patient will ask me what it’s like to be an owner of a physical therapy practice, or since I’ve come back to treating patients I’ve been asked how I like it. These are very insightful questions to which I usually give a long, convoluted answer. Let me take a shot here: I thoroughly enjoy treating patients and seeing the positive results. One of the challenges of running a small practice like Paradigm is the necessity for the owner to wear many hats. Such as, I am in charge of HR and processing payroll; I also pay bills; I manage Quickbooks; I am in charge of marketing; and of course I treat patients full time. As you might expect, it’s a lot for one person to manage well. I’m happy to announce that I’m now part of a bigger team. At end of December, Paradigm joined forces with Back to Action Physical Therapy, also located in Lafayette. This creates many advantages for you as a customer. First, the combined practice is able to offer more services. For example, Back to Action has a pool and offers aquatic therapy. In addition, Back to Action has physical therapists who specialize in women’s health treating the pelvic floor. At Paradigm, we will continue to offer Pilates and massage therapy. In addition, we are working on model to provide Redcord visits. Using your insurance, you can come in for a visit that is completed focused on using the Redcord equipment. Second and most important, we now have the support of a much larger team. I don’t have to wear all of the hats anymore which means I can be more present during each treatment. I won’t be distracted thinking about how I need to process payroll during my lunch break or work on Quickbooks when I get home. I can focus my attention and energy on helping each patient achieve their goals of physical therapy. The new, larger practice will go by the name Back to Action. In the next few weeks, we will change the signs, website and business cards, and when you call our office you will hear, “Back to Action Physical Therapy”. Our goal is to make this transition as smooth as possible for our customers. Hopefully, you will only see the name change and more happy therapists ready to serve you. Please reply if you have any questions. Thanks, Bo Richardson, PT

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