Why a pro should always install your gas appliance

4 types of flooring for your bathroom

In a bathroom, the type of flooring you use should be water resistant, easy to clean, durable and beautiful to boot. Here are four choices that fit the bill. 1. Porcelain or ceramic tile. A popular flooring option for bathrooms, these types of tiles are versatile, re- latively inexpensive and stand up well tomoisture. They also come in a near endless array of colours and styles. 2. Vinyl. If you’re on a budget, vinyl planks, sheets or tiles are a great choice. Waterproof and easy to maintain, this flooring type is a great option for bathrooms, but may not look as chic as other materials.

3. Natural stone. For luxurious bath- rooms, granite, marble and other types of natural stone make a great choice. Some kinds are waterproof, but others need to be sealed yearly. 4. Cork. Made from the bark of cork trees, this material is mildew and mould resistant, extremely com- fortable to stand on and a sustai- nable, eco-friendly flooring option. However, it isn’t entirely water- proof, so it’ll need to be coated yearly with a sealant. Any of these options can be used to create a stylish and hardworking floor. Just be sure to choose something that you’ll appreciate for years to come.

Have you purchased a new gas ap- pliance? If so, it must be installed by a trained professional. Here’s why. TO PREVENT DISASTERS Gas leaks present a serious health and safety risk to you and your family and could even be fatal. A professional will ensure that your new appliance is ins- talled properly, allowing you to avoid

exactly what pieces can and can’t be used in your home. TO AVOID BEING HELD LIABLE Trained and licensed gas fitters and master plumbers carry their own insu- rance. This means you won’t be finan- cially responsible if something goes awry during the installation. Inmany cities, installing your owngas ap- pliance isalso illegal. Overall, it’s always best tohire a gas fitter ormaster plumber to hook up appliances that run on gas.

potentially catastrophic issues. TO HAVE THE RIGHT PIECES

Installing a gas appliance requires specific fittings, pipes and connec- tors. A professional gas fitter will know

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Les climatiseurs de la série Classic MD proposent la sophistication technologique et le rendement écoénergétique auxquels vous vous attendez des produits Rheem. Ils sont avant tout conçus pour le confort, ce qui inclut le silence de fonctionnement.

Voici ce que nous pouvons faire avec votre plancher de garage.

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