Why is regular hand washing so important? • Even if the principal mode of transmission is from infected droplets projected into the air through talking or coughing in proximity to others, the virus can also spread by touching contaminated surfaces or objects. • The unwashed or non-sanitized hands of an infected person (whether or not that person is aware of their situation) can contaminate objects and surfaces nearby by touching them. • Anyone can catch the virus by touching a contaminated surface then touching their eyes, mouth or nose.

Why are only outdoor gatherings of no more than 10 people (ideally from at most three households) permitted? • Because the probability that an individual will become infected depends on the number of people with whom they are in contact; the probability that any one of those people is already infected and contagious; the degree of their intimacy; the duration of contact and the protective measures taken to limit the transmission of the infection. • For example, if a person meets five times with nine different people, they will have been in contact with 45 people in total. It is therefore important to limit our contacts, and ideally to favor gatherings with the same people. • The fewer the number of people in the same location, the lower the risk of being in contact with an infected person, whether that person is symptomatic or not. • The risk of transmission out of doors is considered low compared to an indoor environment.

Keep a distance of two metres between yourself and others, because: • The virus spreads from one person to other by contact with infected droplets projected into the air when an infected person breathes, speaks, coughs or sneezes. • The infected droplets can be projected up to a distance of two metres and therefore reach anyone who is close by. • Some people with no symptoms or symptoms that have not yet developed can unknowingly transmit the virus to others.

Why is it so important to wear a mask or face covering? • It can protect you when you are unable to follow the two-metre rule, and the virus can be transmitted between people by contact with droplets from an infected person that are projected into the air at up to that distance.

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