IBV Industrial Brochure

n BMC (BULK MOULDING COMPOUND) BMC is a ready to mould glass-fibre reinforced thermoset polymer material primarily used in injection moulding. Based on mixing strands of chopped fibers, styrene and initiator and filler mixed with unsaturated thermoset resin. It is produced in bulk or in logs.

At IBV Hungária Kft, we provide to our customers excellent quality and mecha- nical properties on a 200-ton Krauss Maffei injection molding machine. With this machine, we can produce a number of products made by thermosetting injection moulding, which we intend to provide for different industry fields.


n BMC TECHNOLOGY Due to the shorter fibre length, BMC is well suited to injection moulding where it flows freely into the smallest cavities, making it suitable for the most intricate parts. The higher inorganic filler load guarantees very high temperature resistance and an extremely good surface appearance, which is why BMC is commonly used for headlamp reflectors and appliances requiring good aesthetic and high heat performance.


APPLICATIONS : - Iron heat shields - Coffee machine components - Microwave ware - White goods components

PERFORMANCE : - Thermal resistance: BMC material will not deform - Resistance of chemical agents - Mass colouring - Compliance to food contact requirements - Electrical insulation - Fire resistance - Glossy and smooth surface finish



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