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n INJECTION MOLDING Injection moulding is a continuously developing and expanding industry. The technology is widely used for plastic products manufacturing with the most precise process possible. The principle is that the polymer melt, which has been heated to a low viscosity liquid by heating above the melting point - is “injected” at high speed through a narrow inlet into a closed die - and in this closed die any shaped (3D) part, practically waste-free, with plastic shaping, high dimensional accuracy is formed.

n INJECTION MOULDING PLANT At IBV Hungaria Kft. we started injection process of various thermoplastics in 1997. Since then we have manufactured several hundred types of products from differ- ent raw materials. Our manufacturing output by now has reached the 1,5 million pcs of products per year. We have experimented suitable technical plastic mixture to the complete satisfaction of our customers several times. Over the years, we have expanded our machine park in accordance with demands, so that by now we have 8 injection molding machines and their service equipment at the disposal of our customers in the closing force range of 25 to 1,300 tons. Working together with several tool makers, we now produce injection pieces that meet all needs.



n MATERIALS USED Injection molding is a high-precision and highly productive component manufac- turing. The size limits of the manufacturability are extremely wide. The weight of the manufactured product can be several kilograms on an injection molding ma- chine of the right size. It is mainly used for thermoplastic polymers, typically PE, PP, PS, PVC, PMMA, ABS, POM, PC, PA, SAN nevertheless the process developed for materials can also be used in the processing of non-thermoplastic polymers.



90% of our production are luminaire components and the rest are other industrial products. Our machinery can be used to produce up to 20 g - 2000 g product weight. As a benefit from the wider partnership that has developed over the years, we provide a complex service to our partners from design to implementation.


Clamping force (t)

Fastening points

1300 1000 1000

2200x1990 1840x2070 1840x2070 1850x1810

Engel Husky Husky Engel Engel Engel Engel Engel


90 90 90 25

730x420 730x420 730x420 470x280

n EXTRUSION Extrusion is a widely used continuous plastic molding process in which the raw material can be mixed with plastic dyes, stabilizers and other additives and then added to a mold. In addition, it is possible to create profiles with extrusion. In case of direct forming, the forming tool is located immediately after the extruder. This process is called extrusion molding.

Many profile shapes can be produced by extrusion. Tubes, sheets, fibers, coated wires, and other shaped materials can be made by such a process.



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