Sandler Training - December 2018


Trent explained us best when he used the term “communication training.” That’s why many of our clients report more effective conversations at home. What we do may center around business development, but the concepts can easily translate to personal relationships. “I use it with my kids. Instead of telling them what to do all the time, I lead them there with questions.” It’s an effective method to help your children think critically and be more effective problem solvers. When they can understand why they are doing something or be empowered to do so on their own, willingness is just one of many benefits. Using Sandler methods can also help create more meaningful discussions among spouses. “My wife and I see the benefits of listening,” says Trent. “It has shown me that understanding is much better than being heard.” At the root of our human experience, presents like the next iPhone or LED TV are inconsequential compared to being respected. We’re happy to have done that for Taylored Restoration and look forward to many more successes in 2019.

to be their own boss. That’s why they’re entrepreneurs. But these networks are like a board of directors. Everyone has everyone’s best interests in mind.” As Jim Stephens says, “You want to play tennis with someone better than you.” Ultimately, it helps push you forward.

Our methods focus on finding pain and growing relationships from a mutual resolution, but often, this focuses on external, client-facing interactions. With Taylored Restoration, our concepts were used for internal operations. “Years ago, I thought the business was failing, and then we realized there were really only one or two things causing this pain. You get distracted by that. We’ve taken that concept of pain and have realized it only comes from not asking questions or closing loops.” The result? “Saving more money, happier customers, better clients, and better communication in the company.” We couldn’t ask for a better return on investment. for 92 employees, it’s easy to distance yourself and focus on more specialized tasks, but Trent is all about culture and practicing what he preaches. “We spend a lot of time working on communication with the help of the DISC. I check in for 15 minutes to direct reports. At first, you don’t want to waste that time, but it’s not a waste. It creates camaraderie, understanding, and trust. It allows for freedom for the rest of the week.” People want to be inspired and know that someone has their back. It helps not only with recruitment and retention, but also productivity. If you’re wondering if employees would work harder for someone based solely on trust, just ask yourself, would you? CULTURE Trent is an expert in company culture. When you’re responsible


While Business Networks helps by providing best practices

that pertain directly to the construction industry, we help Taylored Restoration with their operations by utilizing multiple programs. Most of our constituents consider our service to be sales training, and while that’s certainly a foundation of what we do, the way Trent relays our abilities to his team is much more of an accurate representation of what we do. “I’ll hear some resistance, like ‘I’m not in sales’ or ‘I’m not in management,’ but we promote it as ‘communication training.” Much of our philosophy is centered on communication methods and learning how to generate high- quality conversations. “No one likes to be told what to do. The whole concept of questions versus telling ... I can’t express how beneficial it is, especially during emergencies or times of stress. You can just put your foot in your mouth and start answering before thinking about it.” The beauty of the Sandler system is that the concepts can be used internally as well as externally. It helps with sales as well as community dialogue between coworkers. It’s not just asking questions, but also finding pain as well.


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