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Why do you feel your company is the best place to work? Torcon is a company bound by a simple philosophy of support-

Sax strives to be a de- sired place to work with an emphasis on

Stock options, performance based reviews on a regular ba- sis, employee training.

ing and uplifting one another, not just as colleagues, but as a people. This attitude fosters personal and profes- sional growth. Even as Torcon expands, becoming one of the Mid-Atlantic’s largest construction management firms, we have never lost sight of our commitment to promoting inclusion, friendship, and trust among our employees. We encourage our team to participate together in philan- thropic efforts that are important to them and to Torcon as a company. Torcon employees have dedicated their time and expertise to a number of causes and nonprof- its. Whether they are preparing and serving a meal at the Ronald McDonald House, or supporting the Cooper Nor- cross Run the Bridge event, which benefits children with disabilities, Torcon employees work collaboratively to better the communities in which we work while growing together as a team. What some of the firm’s most attractive benefits? At Torcon, we consistently acknowledge the successes of our employees in a company-wide newsletter. We be- lieve that a personal “congratulations” goes a long way but allowing our entire team to celebrate and learn from one another’s accomplishments goes even further. These successes can include work anniversaries, philanthropic efforts, or impressive professional accomplishments. In the interest of creating a unified company culture, we also reward employees financially when they success- fully refer new team members who embody our values. In addition to providing competitive health insurance, retirement, and financial benefits, we hold a strong com- mitment to ensuring our employees’ professional devel- opment through regular seminars and industry events. Torcon’s Engineer Round Table Meetings, implemented two years ago, are now a company tradition. Our engi- neers attend four of these annual meetings as a part of an ongoing professional development and mentorship program, learning about policies, procedures and topics that are relevant to what they are working on at that time. The Engineer Round Table Meetings also provide an opportunity for Torcon’s engineers to meet one another and participate in team-building activities. Through our many opportunities for service and professional develop- ment, we pride ourselves on our emphasis of building strong relationships among our employees to create a cohesive team. • Retirement plan • Health insurance • Performance based reviews on a regular basis • Employee training • Maternity leave • Free parking • Employee Referral Program Why do you feel your company is the best place to work? Our staff members (the TPD family) make it clear why they think TPD is a Best Place to Work. In 2018, when asked anonymously if TPD should be consid- ered a Best Place to Work and why, our staff said: - Our firm is consistently ranked as a best place to work be- cause of the way employees are treated. Management does a great job of providing a great work/life balance that is ex- tremely important in today’s world. - TPD is rapidly growing, while continuing to provide ex- cellent service to our clients, and maintaining the attractive environment that makes working here a true pleasure. What some of the firm’s most attractive benefits? - 100% Flex-Time Policy, in which employees can set

flexibility, quality-of-life, professional development and a proper work/life balance for its over 170 employ- ees. This progressive outlook has proven to attract and retain exceptional talent in an environment and atmo- sphere designed to help team members thrive both per- sonally and professionally through flexibility and a re- sults-oriented position rather than unbending rules and requirements. In addition, the firm works to promote from within, and provides team members with train- ing and educational resources to excel in their field and work up the firm’s management ladder. The firm recognizes the change in the times, and that strict hours and mandatory in-office working require- ments are not the way of the future. In fact, the firm has seen that the more flexibility extended to employees has led to more productivity and results delivered. Sax has invested in the firm’s technological infrastructure to allow employees to work from home when needed by equipping them with the tools to make it a non-event. Sax LLP is truly invested in the culture of the firm and the professional development of its team members.Sax works to identify new initiatives and benefits on a con- tinuous basis to ensure an appropriate work/life balance for staff, the needed tools and resources are accessible in order for our advisors to excel, and the continuous revamping of policies and procedures to create a more relaxed atmosphere so employees can reach their high- est potential. family first. We work together to create an environment of integrity and accountability. Employees feel genu- inely appreciated and that they are a part of something meaningful. Individual and professional growth allows IMC to thrive in all aspects. What are some of the firm’s most attractive benefits? Annual company picnic, golf outing, holiday party, bring your kids to work day; Friday summer BBQ’s; ca- sual days; bonuses; short and long term disability; and a volunteer program. IMC’s offices are located within a LEED Gold Certified Building. Our tag line is Improv- Retirement plan, Health insurance, profit sharing, per- formance based reviews on a regular basis, employee training, maternity leave, tuition reimbursement. Spe- cial perks such as, free parking and priority parking for fuel efficient vehicles. Post Brothers is an innovative company that builds with character and operates in a fun and rewarding setting. Post Brothers’ dedication to renter satifction reinforces the philosophies of the people that work for them. A youthful company at heart, Post is committed to sup- porting and seeing their employees grow, and because it is at the forefront of environmental responsibly and superior tenant amenities in the Philly area, it carries those themes into its conscientious company culture. Post possesses a comprehensive understanding of its people’s needs and actively caters to their lifestyles as best as possible - for example, promoting employee healthfulness with free access to amenity centers, fit- ness programs, and classes across their properties. What some of the firm’s most attractive benefits? A twenty 20% employee-housing discount at any of Post Brothers’ properties, a 401K program through Na- tionwide Financial where the company will match 100 percent of the employee’s contributions up to 4 percent. ing Lives and Environments. Please circle all that apply: Why do you feel your company is the best place to work? Why do you feel your company is the best place to work? IMC operates by strong values and ethics; we value people and


Why do you feel your company is the best place to work? Every em- ployee that joined this company is in

Company culture, competitive pay. Retirement plan, Health insurance, stock options, performance based reviews on a regular basis, em- ployee training, maternity leave, paternity leave, tuition reimbursement. What some of the firm’s most attractive benefits? 401K Matching Plan, Health / Dental / Life insurance, FSA, paid vacation / personal / sick leave, performance based reviews on a regular basis, employee training. Our company is the best place to work because our Executives and Leadership team cares about the success. We have a flexible, laid back, and team collaborative culture. Our core values are: Service, Expertise, Community, and Fun – our Executives down to our employees live this every day. What some of the firm’s most attractive benefits? We are constantly being pro-active in upgrading our benefits for our employees. Right now, our benefits are: • Flexible work-schedule • 401K and company contribution • Low Cost Benefits Options • Company Sponsored Life Insurance • Long Term Disability Insurance • Discounted Vendors • Personalized Road Map Development Paths • Financial Fitness Education Services • Quarterly Happy Hours • Lunch Parties that includes contests that rewards – Ugly Sweater, Halloween Costume, pet costume, etc • Birthday Celebrations and gift card rewards • Generous Time-off Policy Retirement plan*, Health insurance**, performance based reviews on a regular basis, employee training, maternity leave, paternity leave, tuition reimbursement. Special perks such as, free parking, childcare, subsi- dized transportation. *with company contribution **with company contribution for a career, not a job. Being one of the largest window and door manufacturers in the country, we provide a wide range of career opportunities. This place makes you feel like you are part of a large family - like a family of 400. Employees are one tight-knitted team. You don’t get to do one thing and one thing only, you get to utilize inter- action and collaboration on a daily basis. They spare no resources on training their employees and entrust in them for the job and responsibilities across all five manufactur- ing locations in the country. We believe in reinvesting into our employees – our most important asset. Why do you feel your company is the best place to work?

CBRE invests heavily in technology to help capture the most real time market

data. Due to its size, the company can aggregate more data than any other firm across all sectors of the real estate industry. What some of the firm’s most attractive benefits? The amount of talent in each respective specialization is impressive. Experts are always available for clients’ questions or concerns.

their own work schedules. - Telecommuting options - Dedication to our unique corporate culture - Paid Parental leave

Retirement plan, Health insurance, profit sharing, perfor- mance based reviews on a regular basis, employee training, maternity leave, paternity leave, tuition reimbursement. Spe- cial perks such as, free parking, subsidized transportation.

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