Static Pages

Pages that are essentially brochure-ware pages and don’t contain any database driven functions are known as Static Pages. If you are not using a Content Writing Service we will need you to supply the content for these pages which we will style to match the site and ensure they add to the customer experience. All content, or just selected content, can be added to the CMS to allow you or your SEO partner to modify it going forward.

Bespoke Features

Our technical and development teams are all exceptionally skilled and experienced and whilst every property listing site contains common features we frequently find that clients want to push the frontiers of website functionality and presentation. Under these circumstances we are always very happy to work with you to do the business and process analysis to develop new features. Please ask for a separate quote on bespoke work.


We have a huge collection of prebuilt Add-ons all designed to add to the visitor experience. We aim to make your site not just easy to use but a valuable resource for the visitor to use so that they come back time and again and are more likely to request you to list their own property.

Please see to see more information and video examples of each one.


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