To help your site be like your best negotiator online 24/7 we can add: -

Draw on a Map – where users draw on a Google Map where they want to live and your site finds them properties inside their boundaries Travel Time Search – where users tell the site where they need to commute to, how they commute and how long they want to commute and the site finds them properties where they can live and not be late for work. Ajax Search – where users start to type a location and the site autocompletes it for them thus removing spelling errors and making sure they always get to see something.

Map Results – where all the results of the search are displayed on a Google Map.

List/Grid results – where the results are displayed in list or newspaper grid layout.

Shortlist – where only the properties that the user has selected are displayed without having to run the search again.

Sliders/Drop Downs – where different input methods are used to make life easy and the site attractive for users. Infinite Scroll – where the list of properties just keeps growing as the user swipes or scrolls down instead of having to navigate to the next page on the list. This is particularly mobile friendly.

Schools Data – where the information about any given property is enhanced with detailed local knowledge of schools, their OFSTED performance, and the acceptance areas used for the last academic year. Book a Viewing – where you receive an email from the applicant via the site letting you know which property they want to view and when, thus converting an anonymous surfer into someone you can do business with. Not only making a viewing arrangement but asking to value or list their own property. SEO Friendly URL’s – where URL’s are rewritten automatically to contain data that search engines can use to understand more about what the page contains. 360°/Virtual Reality Tours – We can supply the leading 360° Tour technology making it possible to create an entire tour in under 15 minutes . The tour can then be embedded in the site, shared on portals, shared by email, used in VR headsets and even remotely controlled, allowing you to perform Virtually Accompanied Viewings.


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