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Making the Most of a Tough Situation

It’s an uncertain time. Like many businesses, the Hare Truck Center —and all Hare dealerships and service centers —have had to change a few things in the way we operate. The good news is that we are considered an essential business. People still need their vehicles serviced, and they need to be able to purchase a new vehicle. What’s changed?Well, we’re no longer shaking hands! Traditional greetings are out the window. Of course, you can still expect the same friendly service you’re used to, just a little different. We’re also doing a lot more when it comes to picking up and dropping off vehicles. We now use plastic seat covers and steering wheel covers on all guest vehicles. When we return the vehicle to you, we take everything off with a clean pair of gloves. Cleanliness is a top priority. And speaking of cleanliness, while we’ve always kept our dealership and service center very clean, we’ve taken our cleanliness to the next level, cleaning and sanitizing more often. We’re disinfecting every surface anyone might come in contact with, from the desks and countertops to the computers and chairs. Everything is clean. And that includes loaner vehicles and any vehicle that changes hands (and the keys, too!). We’re also doing things differently with our paperwork. We’re temporarily overnighting paperwork to our customers in the event we need a signature. Then all they have to do is sign and send it back. It keeps things clean, and no one has to worry about extra travel. Everyone’s health and welfare are of utmost importance.

vehicle—we are available for these services. Many Hare employees are working from home, including myself, but our phone lines are open and we can get you scheduled for whatever you need— just give us a call and we’ll get you taken care of. And speaking of myself, I’ve certainly had an interesting experience in all this. In March, I went on a cruise. I know—what timing! I was on the cruise just before things really started to take off. As we docked in Miami, the ship’s captain announced that the cruise lines were shutting down for the foreseeable future. It was a bit of shock, but we were able to disembark and return home. Once I returned home, I self-quarantined for 14 days. Thankfully, I can do about 85% of my job from home, and I’ve been relying on my coworkers who are still at the Truck Center for the other 15%. They’ve been an incredible help! I can also confirm that I’ve remained healthy since returning from that cruise. My kids have also been at home since schools are closed. With the three of us at home, we’ve set a schedule we all follow. At 9 a.m., we have breakfast. Then we work until noon. I work on my stuff and the kids do their homework. Then we have lunch and take a walk to get some air. Then it’s back to work (and homework). Toward the end of the day, the kids get a social hour, and then it’s dinner. Maintaining a set schedule and a routine as close as possible to your original one is important — especially if you’re nowworking from home like I am. The weekends are where things get tough.

and the kids aren’t going to baseball or basketball; they don’t have anywhere else to be. And I don’t have anywhere to be. If you knowme, you know I always want to be on the go and be doing something and lately, it’s been a challenge. My wife has had her own set of challenges. She works a different schedule than me and the boys. She works at a hospital, which means she’s going to work every day. It also means we have to be extra careful to avoid contamination. Let’s just say we’ve upped our disinfection game, and we’re maintaining social distancing for the time being. It’s times like these that you really take stock of what matters. Our faith and our family mean so much to us, and we haven’t been able to go to church or spend time with our families. We’ve been apart frommany people we care about. I think that time apart works to help bring us closer as we realize just how precious our time together really is. But as long as everyone keeps the faith and recognizes we’re all in this together, I know we’ll be alright. We’ll get through it, and our community will be stronger for it. Stay safe out there, and we’ll see you soon. -Todd Thurston

But you can rest assured that if you need anything —vehicle maintenance or repair, or you need a new

I found it’s a lot harder to maintain a routine because I’m not working on Saturday and Sunday,

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Achieve Innovational Success


Many entrepreneurs dream of catching lightning in a bottle — of harnessing new, powerful ideas that will propel their business to the cutting edge. Whether they call it disruption, innovation, or genius, many business books focus on the “lightning” side of the equation. But those flashes of brilliance mean nothing without a bottle to capture them in. According to author and physicist Safi Bahcall, if you want to turn momentary inspiration into tangible success, you need structure. Bahcall explores this idea in his book, “Loonshots: How to Nurture the Crazy Ideas That Win Wars, Cure Diseases, and Transform Industries.” He examines many successful innovations that were originally deemed “crazy” or “doomed to fail,” including the breakout success of the James Bond movies and how Lipitor became a pharmaceutical blockbuster. What these phenomena have in common is that they were supported and made possible by a positive work environment structured to nurture ideas that were “just crazy enough to work.”

However, success stories aren’t the only focus of “Loonshots.”The book also examines companies that paved the way as innovators, only to stifle change and lose momentum. Bahcall puts Pan American World Airways (Pan Am), Polaroid, and other titans that let the lightning out of the bottle under the microscope to show readers where the companies’ organizational structures went wrong. To Bahcall, the way business owners organize their team is the same as how temperature shapes water. You can be cold toward new ideas, which freezes progress and makes your company too brittle in the face of change, or you can be warm and let your team’s ideas flow in exciting new directions. Drawing on his experience as both a physicist and the co-founder of a biotechnology company, Bahcall is able to make his case in entertaining, down-to-earth prose. Beyond being a good read, “Loonshots” addresses an often overlooked factor in the ways innovative companies succeed at redefining their industry, making it a great addition to any entrepreneur’s library.

Your outdoor cinema starts with a projector. If you don’t have one, they are readily available to purchase at most big-box stores. For playing the movie, you’ll need a laptop and streaming service or a DVD or Blu-ray player. You’ll connect these devices to your projector through an HDMI port. As long as you’re not broadcasting to the whole neighborhood, stereo or computer speakers should be just fine, but you can also opt for a Bluetooth speaker that will give your audio a big boost. Next, you’ll need a flat surface to display the movie. A plain, white bedsheet makes a good screen, or you can make your own with white fabric from craft stores or online. Cushions, blankets, and outdoor hanging lights add a fun touch to your cinema. Just be sure to turn the lights off before the movie begins — and silence those cellphones!

Summertime is synonymous with many childhood experiences: hours splashing in the pool, sleepaway camp, and snow cones, to name a few. A quintessential summer destination that isn’t as common these days is the drive-in theater, yet many childhood memories are built on this little bit of nostalgia. The first drive-in theater opened in 1933 in Camden, New Jersey. At the time, films cost 25 cents per person, plus 25 cents per car, and drive-ins usually got movies in the second run, after they’d shown at indoor theaters. The trend started off slow, but by the ‘50s, Americans had fully embraced the outdoor theater experience. The ‘80s brought a charismatic Michael J. Fox to audiences in “Back to the Future,” and shortly after, “The Sandlot” hit the big screen and gave us lines that we’d quote for the next decade (“You’re killin’me, Smalls!”). As of 2018, USA Today estimated that only about 330 drive-in theaters still exist in the United States. But if you don’t have one in your area, there’s a way you can enjoy the outdoor movie experience without having to leave your backyard. Plus, How to Create Your Own Outdoor Cinema The Timeless Charm of the Drive-In Movie

Once your setup is complete, select your movie, get the popcorn popping, and enjoy some movie magic right in your backyard.

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Truck of the Month Introducing ‘Shop. Click. Drive.’

This month’s Truck of the Month isn’t a truck, but a brand-new service recently rolled out by Chevrolet. It’s called “ Shop. Click. Drive . ” and it’s all about making the car and truck buying experience easier than ever. What Is ‘Shop. Click. Drive.’ ? It’s an exciting new online tool that helps match you with the perfect vehicle. You pick the vehicle, the trim, any accessories, and warranties, and then schedule delivery. It can estimate the value of any trade-ins as well as your monthly payments.

If you do see a vehicle that you would like to test drive before committing, we can set that up, too. Just give us a call and we’ll get you scheduled.

Or, if you’re committed to a vehicle, you can confirm your order right on the “Shop. Click. Drive.”website. Then, all you have to do is schedule when you want to pick up your new vehicle.

You can also find the latest incentives and deals (see current incentives here: chevrolet.com/current-deals ).

To learn more about “Shop. Click. Drive.,” visit chevrolet.com/shop-click-drive .

“Shop. Click. Drive.” is a way to shop on your terms. You can shop from home at your own pace. Compare vehicles, look up information, watch videos related to your vehicle, and more. There is zero pressure and zero obligation.

Your next vehicle is only a click away!


• • • • • •

2 heads garlic, cloves separated 3 thumbs ginger, chopped

• • • • • •

1/2 cup chili oil

1/3 cup oyster sauce

1 cup hoisin sauce 3/4 cup fish sauce 2/3 cup honey 2/3 cup rice wine

1/3 cup toasted sesame oil

5 lbs boneless pork shoulder, flattened

3/4 cup brown sugar

1 tbsp molasses


1. In a blender, purée garlic, ginger, hoisin sauce, fish sauce, honey, rice wine, chili oil, oyster sauce, and toasted sesame oil until smooth. 2. Reserve and chill 1 1/2 cups for later use. 3. In a bag, add the remaining mixture and pork shoulder. Marinate for at least 8 hours. 4. Using a convection plate on the grill, cook pork until the thickest part reaches an internal temperature of 140–145 F. 5. In a large saucepan, simmer brown sugar, molasses, and reserved marinade for 6–8 minutes. 6. Baste the pork with the brown sugar glaze for 2 minutes before serving.




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Keeping the Faith

How Crazy Ideas Become Innovations

The Timeless Charm of the Drive-In Movie

Truck of the month

Sticky and Sweet Pork ‘Ribs’

Powerful Ways to Honor Our Veterans


Powerful Ways to Honor Our Veterans

Every year, Memorial Day reminds us to honor those who paid the ultimate price for their country. While Veterans Day recognizes all service members, Memorial Day is dedicated specifically to those who lost their lives during their service in the U.S. military. The holiday, celebrated on May 25 this year, also marks the unofficial start to summer. While you’re enjoying your three-day weekend, don’t forget to honor those who died while protecting your rights. Here are some ideas for how to do so. Attend a Parade Memorial Day parades are common across the nation and feature local veterans, organizations, and bands celebrating with patriotic pride. Last year, the National Memorial Day Parade, the largest of its kind in the country, celebrated its 15th anniversary in Washington, D.C., with appearances from celebrities, musicians, and veterans. The parade honors veterans from as far back as the Civil War. Check with your local municipality for updates on parade statuses, and if you can’t attend one, put on your own parade at home! Visit Memorials Many parks, public buildings, and monuments feature memorials that honor veterans who have lost their lives. Visit one of these

monuments and spend some time learning about our nation’s history and the tragic cost of war. This is a great opportunity to teach your children about our nation’s military, and it can even be a fitting moment to learn more about local military connections. If you feel like giving back more directly, consider using this opportunity to spruce up your local park or memorial. Just be sure to talk to your municipality before you get started. Volunteer Giving back to veterans through organizations that help families who have lost loved ones can be a powerful way to spend your Memorial Day. Do you have specialized skills or knowledge in health care, construction, or art? If so, check with your local Veterans Affairs office to see if you can partner with an organization to provide resources to those in need. If you can’t give up your time, try donating food, clothing, and supplies to veterans or those serving today. Find more activities and information about Memorial Day at VA.gov. Thank you to those who served and to the families of those who were lost in the line of duty.

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