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40 YEARS IN BUSINESS Trusted for 40 years, Snap has been a reliable partner for all your business needs. Through our comprehensive range of services we leverage our experience to tailor solutions that meet your unique business objectives. You can count on Snap to deliver unparalleled quality, innovation, and customer satisfaction to elevate your brand and drive tangible results.

NATIONWIDE With 16 franchises spanning across Ireland, Snap is readily accessible to businesses throughout the country. Boasting four decades of collaboration with SMEs and large enterprises, Snap excels in elevating your business to new heights.

ISO CERTIFIED At Snap, we take great pride in maintaining our ISO:2015 Quality Certification for over 20 years. The ISO standard equips Snap across Ireland with a practical and logical approach to managing our business activities with the highest level of quality, consistently achieve enhanced operational efficiencies while ensuring 100% customer satisfaction.

KIND TO THE PLANET Snap is deeply committed to sustainability, aiming to minimize our ecological footprint and contribute to a greener future. We prioritize eco-friendly materials and sustainable production processes, from responsibly sourced paper to energy-efficient technologies. Our green initiatives include using solar panels for clean energy and integrating electric vehicles into our fleet, reducing carbon emissions.

contents. Graphic Design ...................................... 6 Signage & Displays .............................. 10 Websites .............................................. 18 Video..................................................... 22 Marketing Material................................ 26 Corporate Gifts & Promotional Items... 38 Labels, Stickers & Packaging................ 46 Business Stationery............................... 52 Invitations & Cards................................ 60 Sustainable Products ........................... 66 Finishing & Resources .......................... 70

graphic design.


Bringing your creative ideas to life is what we do best.


Graphic Design

Our graphic designers can deliver impact and appeal to your business, through a full range of creative services

We can advise on every aspect of your business’s requirements, from developing a new branding identity or business stationery suite, to developing your next marketing campaign, creating large banners or posters, and designing your annual report.

DESIGN CONSULTATION We offer a full suite of inhouse services to ensure your projects are high-quality and professional. Speak with our sales and graphic design teams to increase your brand identity and bring your vision to life.

SPECIAL EVENT Hosting a special event? Go for a premium look without blowing your budget. Create exclusive custom invitation cards and signage so your one-of-a-kind event is sure to impress guests.


With over 20+ graphic designers in the Snap group you are in great hands

BRANDING Your branding needs to demonstrate the right energy for your business and what it represents. We provide branding services to help secure customer interest and loyalty.

LOGO DESIGN A major element of any company is the visual appeal of their logo. Whether your business is a start- up in need of brand strategy development or an established business requiring a refresh, our expert team of Snap professionals can help design a logo you love. PACKAGING Ideal for promotional displays, conference giveaways and client gifts, create a dynamic custom packaging design to bring a professional edge to your brand.

CORPORATE STATIONERY After all the hard work, it’s easy to apply your professional-looking logo and branding to your business cards, ‘with compliments’ slips, notepads, envelopes and letterheads. We will design your stationery to ensure consistency for your brand.

WEB DESIGN Your website is a massive hook for luring new customers, so you want to get it right the first time. Our graphic design team can create custom compelling graphics & logos for your website.


signage & displays.


Take your brand signage from standard to standout!


Signage & Displays


Suitable for both indoor and outdoor promotions



NOVELTY CHEQUES (1) Giant novelty cheques make the ideal photo opportunity to promote your publicity events, prize giveaways, charity fundraisers and awards events. We custom create all styles of large presentation cheques for special occasions.

POSTERS (2) Be front and centre facing high-traffic audiences with a quality, professionally printed poster. Choose from photo- quality, high-resolution large- format prints, including wallpapers, signage, or exhibition graphics.

PLAN PRINTING (3) Detailed architectural and building plans perfectly printed to scale. Snap delivers fast, reliable, and high- quality plan printing for your business, including architectural drawings, structural, electrical, and mechanical drawings, sketches and drafts.

Suggested Stock Foamboard or corriboard Finishing & Options Add a clear board laminate to allow use of a white board marker and wipe clean after

Suggested Stock High quality poster paper and various other materials available Finishing & Options Trimmed to size, laminated, mounted Sizes: A3, A2, A1, A0

Suggested Stock 80gsm bond

Finishing & Options A0, A1, A2, A3, A4 sizes





Promote your event, product or service

ADHESIVE POSTER LABEL (4) Want your message to stick around for a while? Self-adhesive posters ensure your professional displays stay in place. These labels are easy to apply directly to walls, floors, and glass surfaces.

REMOVABLE GRAPHICS (5) Although highly durable, removable graphics are a great way to play with creativity by constantly re-evaluating your promotional products and messaging. Due to their temporary properties, simply peel and stick the adhesive material on virtually any flat surface. This is a highly effective solution as the adhesive material can be reused without leaving any residue. Suggested Stock Self-adhesive polyester fabric Finishing & Options Add an anti slip laminate to make the floor an advertising space

CUT TO SHAPE FOAM BOARDS (6) More bang for your buck than traditional posters, these ultra-lightweight foam boards provide a more durable solution for your brand messaging. Cut to shape and size, choose from single or double-sided mounting. Light enough to be hung using double- sided sticky tape or Velcro, yet they are sturdy enough to be easily drilled, nailed, or glued to any flat surface.

Suggested Stock Self-adhesive permanent label Finishing & Options Trimmed to size

Suggested Stock Foamboard or PVC Finishing & Options Custom shape cutting


Signage & Displays




Branding and promotions on the go! Easy to set-up, take down and transport

TEARDROP FLAG (1) Grab attention at both indoor and outdoor events, with easy-to-assemble teardrop banners. Lightweight and portable to set up wherever you like. Suitable for motor or boat shows,

CORRIBOARD (2) This corrugated material is highly versatile. Artwork is printed directly onto the corflute in high resolution, full digital colour, creating a highly professional, polished finish. Suitable for real estate signs, events material, construction and building site signage.

A-FRAME (3) The perfect partner for locations with high foot traffic, A-Frames make fantastic real-estate signage and are suitable for hair salons, cafés, newsagents and other retail and service providers. Place on the footpath to gain more exposure, with the ability to move them to more optimal positions should you require.

events, retail display, seminars and outdoor sporting events.

Suggested Stock Outdoor fabric Finishing & Options

Suggested Stock Corriboard Finishing & Options Custom shape cutting available

Suggested Stock Corriboard or synthetic poster material Finishing & Options Lamination

Fibreglass poles, carry bag. Available in 4 sizes - small, medium, large, and jumbo



A range of sizes available



Suggested Stock Outdoor vinyl Finishing & Options Hemmed edges, eyelets, ropes, or rod pockets for hanging FLEXIBLE PVC BANNER (4) Vinyl Banners are ideal for advertising your events and sales, especially when you have a promotion running. For added visual impact, we provide custom single-sided vinyl banners in full colour.

PULL-UP BANNERS (5) Don’t get bogged down carrying heavy promotional materials. Use super-convenient, lightweight pull-up banners instead. Our pull-up banners come pre-assembled and are ideal for high-impact advertising, exhibition and retail displays, showrooms, reception areas, meetings, conferences, and various indoor and outdoor events.

FABRIC ZIPPER/SOCK WALL (6) The perfect professional backdrop for your media event or trade show. Fabric socks are interchangeable with the frame, so feel free to update your brand messaging whenever you like. You can order numerous fabric socks with various graphics to use on the same frame at different times.

Suggested Stock Layflat banner material or talk to us about eco-friendly options Finishing & Options 850 x 2100mm, 1500 x 2100mm or 2000 x 2100mm

Suggested Stock Fabric material Finishing & Options Straight frame or curved frame


1 Signage & Displays


Taking your brand to new heights

ARCHITECTURAL SIGNAGE (1) Regardless of the size of your project or the complexity of your installation, we provide the complete service to save you time and protect your investment for many years to come. The complete signage solution from site-surveying, design, fabrication and installation.

EXTERIOR SIGNAGE (2) Stand out with our eye-catching outdoor signage. Boost your business visibility, attract more customers and stand out amongst your competitors. Our team will also do site-surveying, design, fabrication and installation.

ADVERTISING (3) At Snap we can provide advertising signs that are bespoke and tailored to your audience. Promote and build brand loyalty with engaging wraps, billboards, building signs and unique advertising opportunities.

Suggested Stock Various materials Finishing & Options Various sizes

Suggested Stock Various materials Finishing & Options Various sizes

Suggested Stock Various materials Finishing & Options Various sizes






WAYFINDING (4) Our multi-surface wayfinding and directional signs designed to guide people through the workplace, making it easy for them to navigate to their destination.

SAFETY SIGNAGE (5) At Snap we can produce various visual aids that warn people of potential hazards or dangerous situations in a workplace or public setting.

INTERIOR VINYL / WRAPS (6) Is your workplace bland and not in line with your brand? Snap can create custom and unique internal office graphics and visual elements such as posters, murals, or decals to enhance your company’s workspace interior design.

Suggested Stock Various materials Finishing & Options Various sizes

Suggested Stock Various materials Finishing & Options Various sizes

Suggested Stock Various materials Finishing & Options Various sizes




We take the hassle out of websites.



Snap provides a range of web services designed to meet the needs of all sized businesses across a range of industries

Whether you are a business creating your first website, an established company that needs web support or a large organisation requiring a more sophisticated solution, our Snap website team has extensive experience creating custom plans to help you succeed. If you’ve already invested in web development, we can tailor a support package to suit. Plus, we help customers who want to develop a brand-new website to showcase their brand messaging in the right way. WE WALK YOU THROUGH THE ENTIRE WEB PROCESS Rather than wrapping you up in confusing chatter about the digital landscape, the Snap website team speaks plain English. So you understand exactly what we can deliver for your online needs. During the initial consultation, our unique website planning tools ensure we capture and document all details associated with the design and development of your website – leaving nothing to chance. We provide complete transparency regarding the web production process and costs, so there’ll be no surprises.


CUSTOM DESIGN Custom design is part of Snap’s core objective, therefore we understand your brand requires more than what a basic web template can deliver. Our locally based web design team will work with you to create a stunning website that is “mobile responsive” for optimised use on all devices. Our team will listen to your creative objectives before integrating them into a bespoke web design that stands out above the many templated designs online today.

E-COMMERCE Whether your business relies completely on online sales or you simply want to make it easy for customers to order products and pay for services on your website, the Snap website team can create a custom site to suit. We can integrate a secure and seamless online purchasing process into your web design, while ensuring your online store caters for its intended specific business requirements. E-MARKETING Adding e-marketing functionality to the Web Services package allows our clients to easily send newsletters, promotional offers or event invitations. There is no limit to the amount of e-marketing you can send and, because you generate content inhouse, there are no additional costs. Beautifully designed, your e-marketing system sends personalised messages to your prospects and customers, while driving traffic to your website, which you can then track and measure the effectiveness of its reach.

EASY CONTENT MANAGEMENT Businesses need to be able to pivot swiftly in response to changes in their industries, operations and the economic climate. The Snap website Content Management System (CMS) puts you in control of your website to ensure you’re always reflecting the right message for your clients and followers. The Snap website system allows your staff to take ownership of content and easily create stunning pages, galleries, and other digital content simply and effectively.

INTEGRATED WEBSITE FUNCTIONS The Snap website system offers


Do away with complex and costly campaigns, while optimising your web content to rank higher in search engines. Snap delivers strategies to get your business on Google’s first page. We have created an easy- to-use optimisation tool as part of the website system, which requires minimal technical expertise.

comprehensive functionality to ensure ease-of-use for our clients. Bursting with an array of functions that would typically cost many thousands of euro, the integrated website solution we have developed as part of our web creation strategy provides clients with a simple business tool that is constantly updated and enhanced as part of your subscription.




Video and visual storytelling with our expertly crafted productions.



Engage and captivate audiences through the use of visual storytelling

2D ANIMATION VIDEO A simple form of animation ranging from very simple to very complex multi layered executions. Most children’s cartoons are 2D animations. Great for explainer videos and sensitive product offerings. The mix of audio and text makes describing complex concepts easier to understand. This flat and informative style suits a constrained, sensitive message, and where using people to show a product or service is not recommended. Suitable for industries such as Pharma, HR and Health & Safety.

3D ANIMATION VIDEO In 3D animation videos, characters have both height, width but also depth. Think ‘How to Train your Dragon / Toy Story’. This is a much more skilful animation as there are a lot more elements at play in terms of detail / lighting / character movement and rendering time. 3D animation is suitable for entertainment related companies, radio stations, heritage centres, retail stores. Perfect for simulating a real world scenario – perfect for training, gaming and orientation.

DRONE VIDEO Modern drones are compact, silent, and small. Perfect for on-location use. Drone shoot video uses drones to provide excellent ‘context shots’ with panoramic views, and aerial photography of landscapes etc. Very useful for showcasing plant, factories, cityscapes, hospitals and scenic visitor attractions. It’s also suitable for showcasing large sites like sport facilities, farms and real estate.


GREEN SCREEN VIDEO Green screen video allows you to replace a green background with another image or scene. Perfect for newscasting, weather forecasting, motion picture, and video gaming. It’s suitable for interviews, conferences, reports, and enhancing internal and external communications. Works well for insurance companies, financial

LIVE ACTION VIDEO Buyers want to relate to who

CORPORATE COMMUNICATIONS Enhance your corporate communications and PR strategy or your sales pitch with video content that uses a mix of video styles. Turn your corporate events and keynote speakers into informative, shareable, video content. Generate social proof with testimonials videos and case studies. Recruit and educate your team with good internal communications using video stories.

they’re buying from, something that’s especially true for small businesses. Live action video is a great dynamic storytelling option. It develops a relationship between brand and customer by conveying product and services effectively as seen in the real world. Live action is suitable to showcase products or services. Works well for Gyms, Hotels, Concerts and Events.

companies, legal companies, and healthcare companies.


marketing material.


Get your brand into the hands of your customers.






Something physical your customer can take hold of and refer to later

DL FLYER (1) A highly visual tool for delivering bite-sized chunks of information about your business. Easy to read and image-focused, a clear communication channel for your brand message.

A6 FLYER (2) Postcard-sized and lightweight, A6 flyers make ideal inserts and handout material. Showcase a product, promote an event, or let customers know about the latest special offers from your brand.

A5 FLYER (3) The A5 flyer is a popular choice for a multitude of purposes, such as leaflet drops and event handouts. With a little more space for content and images than an A6, you can tell slightly more of your story with an A5 flyer.

Suggested Stock 100-250gsm coated or uncoated Finishing & Options Various styles, folding and finishing options available

Suggested Stock 100-250gsm coated or uncoated Finishing & Options Various styles, folding and finishing options available

Suggested Stock 100-250gsm coated or uncoated Finishing & Options Various styles, folding and finishing options available



A cost-effective solution to promote your business, event or special offer


A4 FLYER (4) A4 flyers provide an uncluttered format for either trade show or project pitch handouts, with more room to showcase images and provide product detail. A4 flyers allow space for more detailed bios and descriptions.

A3 FLYER (5) Be bold with the hero-sized A3 flyer! Ideal for restaurant menu layouts and event promotions. A popular format for trade show displays and community-based marketing.

Suggested Stock 100-250gsm coated or uncoated Finishing & Options Various styles, folding and finishing options available

Suggested Stock 100-250gsm coated or uncoated Finishing & Options Various styles, folding and finishing options available


Event Products



Maximise the impact of your event


WRIST BANDS (1) A sturdy ID option for designated access points and entry to events. Wristbands are completely waterproof, tear-proof and, once applied, they are non-transferable, making these ideal for security, crowd control and 18+ age verification.

LANYARDS (2) One of the simplest and most effective tools for security purposes. Providing easy identification for key operators within functions and events. Lanyard straps can be custom printed.

CUSTOMISED TABLE CLOTHS (3) Provide high-impact signage for trade events, exhibitions, shopping centre displays or your reception. A cost- effective advertising tool that can be stored then reused at your next event.

Suggested Stock 300-350gsm silk insert, woven polyester strap Finishing & Options Strap comes in various colours and attachments

Suggested Stock Non-tear synthetic stock Finishing & Options Available in various colours, one-size-fits-all

Suggested Stock Fabric material Finishing & Options Loose or fitted, various sizes



Our event print solutions can

help you increase awareness, for yourself and your business



AGENDA BOOKLETS (4) Beneficial for planning schedules and tracking appointments. Avoid missing deadlines with one of these handy portable checklists by your side.

TRAINING MANUALS & HANDOUTS (5) Bound manuals provide attendees with the information they need while attending an event. Training manuals offer easy-to-access reference points, whereby trainees can find information more swiftly.

ID CARDS & NAME BADGES (6) Avoid awkward moments at corporate and community events with clearly labelled name badges. Provide yet another opportunity for greater brand visibility.

Suggested Stock Plastic Finishing & Options Pin or magnetic fastener, various colours

Suggested Stock 100gsm silk or laser Finishing & Options Wire bound, hole drilled and inserted into binders

Suggested Stock 100gsm laser Finishing & Options Wire bound, saddle stitched


Event Products




Turn your display from standard to standout

PILLOW POP-UP STANDS (1) Easily pressed into shape, this free- standing centrepiece requires no complex assembly, and can be placed in central view of seated attendees. Custom print your company logo or promotion on both sides for higher visual impact.

POINT OF SALE STANDS (2) Ideal for sale items, promotional products, seasonal offers and limited- edition merchandise. Grabs the shopper’s attention as they’re ready to purchase at the point of sale.

POST-IT NOTES (3) Why not personalise one of the world’s most recognisable products with your own brand? Customise post-it notes with the company logo, your name, or a unique design. Choose from greyscale print, full colour, or a more subtle watermark effect.

Suggested Stock Corrugated board Finishing & Options Various sizes and designs available, customised with your design

Suggested Stock Gloss cardstock Finishing & Options Custom designed

Suggested Stock 80gsm bond Finishing & Options Various sizes, pads of 25, 50 or 100 sheets





STRUT CARDS (4) A classic marketing tool that can be readily placed on countertops, tables, shelves, as well as in reception, waiting areas and lobbies to promote your business and brand.

CATALOGUES (5) Provide valuable info and make sales opportunities seamless for your customers by showcasing your products and services within an engaging and visually compelling catalogue.

CUT OUT PROPS (6) Life-size cut-outs, these struts grab your target audience’s attention. Customise the right style, size and design to suit the tone of your business or event.

Suggested Stock 200-350gsm silk or gloss Finishing & Options Spot UV, metallic ink, foil, lamination, saddle stitch

Suggested Stock Corriboard, PVC or foam board Finishing & Options Free standing, self-supporting strut, cut to shape

Suggested Stock PVC or foamboard Finishing & Options Lamination




We can help you select the marketing print solution that’s right for your situation


DL LEAFLETS (1) Sharp and to-the-point, DL leaflets are an easily relatable and visually appealing tool that represents your business, while clearly communicating your brand message, product or service information, or company overview.

MENUS (2) Essential for dining and catered events. Present your venue’s food and beverage selections with high-quality, full colour menus. An indispensable item for the restaurant, food and beverage service industry.

NEWSLETTERS (3) Avoid keeping your clients in the dark. Maintain regular communications to provide in-depth information and opportunities to clients in the form of a printed newsletter, while building brand loyalty.

Suggested Stock 100-250gsm silk or gloss Finishing & Options Various styles, folding and finishing options available

Suggested Stock 200-350gsm silk or gloss Finishing & Options Lamination, metallic ink, foil, antimicrobial laminate

Suggested Stock 100-200gsm silk or gloss Finishing & Options Saddle stitched, folded, stapled






We print all types of books

BROCHURES & LEAFLETS (4) Inform your customers about your points of difference with a professional- looking brochure. Let clients understand your business strengths in this easily accessible format.

MAGAZINES (5) Ensure your editorial advantage by providing content integrity and colour for readers to enjoy. Whether it’s annual, bi-monthly or weekly, encourage brand loyalty with a vibrant, easily digestible, interesting read that customers look forward to receiving.

ANNUAL REPORTS (6) A bonus for shareholders, document important information about your company’s recent financial performance and future projections. A great opportunity to promote your brand, while assuring client confidence.

Suggested Stock 200-300gsm silk or gloss Finishing & Options Lamination, various folding options available

Suggested Stock 100-350gsm silk or gloss Finishing & Options Perfect bound, saddle stitched, lamination, spot UV

Suggested Stock 100-350gsm silk or gloss Finishing & Options Wire bound, perfect bound, saddle stitched, lamination, spot UV


Direct Mail



We can use your data to personalise your communication

IMPACT MAIL (1) Drop an eye-catching postcard in the mail! Snap works with An Post to maintain compliance. These high-impact postcards look great, while meeting postal guidelines. Die-cuts, special folds and unique materials can elevate your brand position within the marketplace.

VARIABLE DATA MAIL OUT Effortlessly formulate your next direct mail run by using individualised variable text throughout your print materials. Deliver highly targeted mail-outs, newsletters, and postcards (with envelopes or not).

EVENT TICKETS (2) Holding an exclusive event that requires a ticket to enter, we have the perfect polished solution. Delivering a professional ticketing product for event organisers hosting concerts, cultural performances, fairs, car shows and exhibitions.

Suggested Stock 350gsm silk or gloss Finishing & Options Metallic ink, foil, die-cut to shapes

Suggested Stock 100gsm laser Finishing & Options Folding, inserting, barcoding, mailing

Suggested Stock 200-300gsm artboard or silk Finishing & Options Perforation, numbering, barcoding



We can provide a complete solution from design to delivery


TAKEAWAY MENUS (3) Every takeaway food establishment needs a menu for customers to take home! Whether you operate a restaurant, café or fast-food joint, you’ll want to choose from a variety of sizes and types. Select a flat, scored or folded menu, depending on your needs.

REWARD COUPONS (4) Incentivise shoppers with coupon discounts to boost your sales. Bonus vouchers offer price savings or special offers to promote customer loyalty, along with incentives to purchase specific goods or services and retail promotions.

MAILING & DISTRIBUTION Simplify your next local letter-box drop with custom-printed mail-outs. Whether you’re hand-delivering a campaign or organising a national mail out, we look after all your mailing and distribution needs by printing, inserting, and preparing all your material for mailing.

Suggested Stock 100-200gsm silk, gloss or uncoated Finishing & Options Various folding and size options

Suggested Stock 300-350gsm artboard Finishing & Options Perforation

Suggested Stock Various Finishing & Options Inserting, folding, scoring, mailing


corporate gifts & promotional Items.


Showcase your brand at home, the workplace, and beyond.


Corporate Gifts & Promotional Items




Increase your company exposure

TECHNOLOGY (3) Upgrade your tech game with our latest gadgets and products, branded exclusively with your company logo! We supply a wide range of Speakers, Headphones, Powerbanks, USB drives, Phone, Tablet, and Computer Accessories.

MOUSE PADS (1) Mouse pads are in high demand with office and remote workers, they create a great opportunity to share your company identity to a wider audience. A highly popular and cost-effective item used to increase market awareness of your brand, products, and services.

PENS (2) Sharpen your brand focus by always being on hand with a branded pen. The perfect giveaway at events, conferences, seminars, trade fairs and business meetings, the branded pen will travel far to increase your company exposure.

Suggested Stock Various Finishing & Options Various

Suggested Stock PVC mouse pads Finishing & Options Sponge back, rubber back

Suggested Stock Plastic, metal Finishing & Options Engraved or printed



Perfect gifts for clients and staff as well as family and friends


CALENDARS Proven to be one of the most

CLOTHING (4) Make ’em proud! Get clients and employees proudly wearing your company logo on custom clothing. Ideal for uniformity for your team, or as a more subtle promotional item, it offers longevity as it makes frequent reappearances.

BAGS & BACKPACKS (5) Carry your brand with style. Explore our wide range of bags and backpacks designed for comfort, style & ample room for storage. We supply a wide range of tote, drawstring bags and backpacks.

successful and effective promotional products used in marketing, a branded calendar makes it impossible for your clients to forget you for the year. For 365 days, your business name is right within eyesight.

Suggested Stock 200-350gsm silk or gloss Finishing & Options Various sizes, personalised photos, wire bound, saddle stitched

Suggested Stock Various Finishing & Options Range of designs, colours, and styles

Suggested Stock Various Finishing & Options Range of designs, colours, and styles


Corporate Gifts & Promotional Items


Add your own photos, images, captions and messages



REUSABLE CUPS (1) A practical corporate gift that doubles as an advertising tool for your business. Printed with your brand, so customers will be reminded of your business every time they have a coffee break.

CONFECTIONERY (2) Delight your customers and staff with branded chocolate bars or sweets. Ideal for corporate events, promotions and gifting.

MUGS (3) Corporate customers can’t get enough of personalised mugs that offer a chance to showcase your business logo while being stored on office desks.

Suggested Stock Durable ceramic mug Finishing & Options Various colour options and styles available

Suggested Stock Various Finishing & Options Range of designs, colours, and styles

Suggested Stock Various Finishing & Options Various





Showcase your logo in the workplace, at home and beyond

WATER BOTTLES (4) For a super popular, high-end product to promote your brand, choose coated stainless steel water bottles. Custom laser engraved with your business name and logo, water bottles are durable, yet lightweight and are likely to be used for years to come.

NOTEBOOKS & DIARIES (5) Stay organized and inspired with our notebooks and diaries. Perfect for work meetings and keeping track of your schedule. Print, deboss, emboss or laser your logo.

HEALTH AND WELLBEING (6) Workplace wellness products that empower, inspire and engage your colleagues or students. Health and wellness at home, at work, and on the go with budget-friendly products that encourage good habits.

Suggested Stock Various Finishing & Options Various colour options and styles available

Suggested Stock Stainless steel or Plastic Finishing & Options Engraved, lasered or printed

Suggested Stock Various Finishing & Options Various


Corporate Gifts & Promotional Items



Snap Galway E: T: 091 767 626 Join the movement towards sustainability today and make a difference

ECO PRODUCTS (1) Show your customers and staff that you care. Be kind to the planet with our environmentally friendly products. Made from a range of sustainable, natural and recycled materials. Support sustainability with Snap.

BALLOONS (2) Elevate your celebration with our colorful, high-quality balloons. Perfect for all occasions. Talk to Snap about our various balloon displays and arrangements.

BRANDED DESK PADS Perfect desk protection, combined with an excellent promotional opportunity, branded desk pads are extremely useful for administration staff, creatives and professionals alike. Providing space for quickly jotted down key contacts, dates and times or doodling, a desk pad with your logo always serves its purpose.

Suggested Stock Various recycled and natural materials Finishing & Options Various

Suggested Stock Latex or foil, Finishing & Options Various

Suggested Stock 100gsm Uncoated Finishing & Options Padded, varying cover thickness




All prints are available in both landscape and portrait

UMBRELLAS (3) Snap has got you covered with our range of golf, folding and standard umbrellas.

FINE ART PRINTS (4) If it’s worth hanging, it’s worth

CANVAS PRINTS Hanging art brings walls to life. Turn images into wall-art using canvas prints, which provide a textured, artist-quality print for a more authentic appearance. Choose complementary colour palettes to really lift your interior spaces.

hanging well. Fine quality printing paper is ideal for high-quality fine art and photography prints. Our Snap team provides a range of archival materials to cater to all executive requirements, artists and students.

Our umbrellas are durable and offer reliable rain protection, they are also a convenient promotional item that ensures your logo and branding have high visibility.

Suggested Stock Fine Art Papers Finishing & Options Trimmed to size, A0, A1, A2, A3, A4 sizes

Suggested Stock Various Finishing & Options Various

Suggested Stock Poly-cotton Finishing & Options Mounted, trimmed to size


labels, stickers & packaging.


Attract attention and make your brand message stick.


Labels, Stickers & Packaging


We print with vibrant inks and use various paper stocks


ROUND STICKERS & LABELS (1) A stationery staple, the circular sticker shape has been popular for decades. Fun and versatile, round stickers and labels are a clear and colourful way to add your logo to packaging. They’re a common choice for envelope seals and to fasten presentation portfolio binders.

RECTANGULAR STICKERS & LABELS (2) Ideal for typography-heavy designs, to make reading the text much easier. This format is a popular choice for product information labels, addressing envelopes and packages, name tags for meetings, and personalising marketing collateral.

SQUARE STICKERS & LABELS Straight to the point, the square- shaped sticker or label is an on-trend way to leverage your promotional material. Square stickers are suitable for packaging, product information labels, and are a great way to create a fun ‘take-home’ statement, quote or message at events and conferences.

Suggested Stock Matt or gloss self adhesive paper

Suggested Stock Matt or gloss self adhesive paper

Suggested Stock Matt or gloss self adhesive paper

Contact us for advice Finishing & Options Various sizes

Contact us for advice Finishing & Options Various sizes

Contact us for advice Finishing & Options Various sizes




For windows, walls and floors, to packaging, promotions and postage

CUSTOM CUT LABELS (3) What better way to gift your valuable clients? Affix custom-cut label stickers to bottles, packaging or unusual items. Cut to contour, custom stickers have no excess material around the edges, which helps make the image pop. A unique way to present your brand to its best advantage.

WHITE & CLEAR VINYL STICKERS (4) Need to make a bold statement?

PRE-CUT LABEL SHEETS A quick and easy way to always have your brand message and contact details on hand, sheets of pre-cut A4 self-adhesive labels create seamless messaging. Available in a huge range of shapes, colours, and stock types. Whether it’s for the office, home or an event, these handy stickers add the finishing touch to correspondence, packaging and invitations. Suggested Stock A4 pre-cut self-adhesive sheets Finishing & Options Metallic ink

Suggested Stock Gloss, matt, or transparent vinyl Finishing & Options Kiss-cut, die-cut solid surfaces. Weatherproof and suitable for indoor and outdoor use. Ideal for a wide range of applications, including no-smoking, no-entry, no-pets and hazard warnings, vinyl stickers can be supplied in any shape or size. Choose from transparent or opaque backgrounds when you’re affixing to glass or other

Suggested Stock Various self-adhesive options Contact us for advice Finishing & Options Metallic ink, cut to shape


Labels, Stickers & Packaging



Make your brand message stick

Suggested Stock 200-300gsm self-adhesive label Finishing & Options Kiss-cut to shape, trimmed to size, metallic ink items, with these adhesive stickers. Useful for providing brand names along with ingredients for food and beverage items, beauty, skincare, sun protection and cleaning products. PRODUCT LABELS (1) Uniform in style, product labels can be printed in cost-effective bulk runs for ease of application. Build a cohesive, professional look across all your sales

Suggested Stock 300-350gsm artboard, silk, or gloss Finishing & Options Bevel cut corners, round corners, metallic ink, foil, die-cutting, spot UV or an inspirational quote. Attach to gift boxes, bags or sales products. GIFT & SWING TAGS (2) Add creative flair with a stylish custom swing tag. Express your message and give customers a feel for your brand ethos. The perfect finishing touch, swing tags are the ideal option to let your imagination run wild. Print with a poetic message, your mission statement

CUSTOM MADE BOXES Simple and stylish, Snap produces customised boxes, which can be clearly labelled with your company logo and design. Choose from full colour or black and white printing to highlight your brand. Can be used for packaging, gifts or event samples.

Suggested Stock Corrugated cardboard Finishing & Options Various sizes available. Custom designed, die-cut



Elevate your products with custom packaging



RIBBONS (3) Perfectly present gift items, cakes, party favours or boxed event items with ribbons printed with your business name or guests of honour. Suitable for all occasions, including corporate events, weddings, engagements and milestone birthdays.

ROLL LABELS (4) Super handy and effective for labelling, packaging and messaging, custom printed adhesive labels on rolls come in many sizes and shapes. They can be customised to suit your product, your brand and your business.

MAILER BOXES (5) Don’t go crazy at the post office trying to find the right fit. Our custom printed mailer boxes are available in various sizes to suit your needs. Pre-package your items ready for shipping in our pre-creased custom-printed boxes with your own company logo for a more professional look. Made from 100% recyclable material, the boxes have pre-cut lockable tabs, which allow for quick, simple assembly. Suggested Stock White or Corrugated board Finishing & Options Various sizes

Suggested Stock Satin ribbon

Suggested Stock Self-adhesive label Finishing & Options

Finishing & Options Foiling, various material, and colour options

Foil, embossing, various sizes and shapes, various adhesive options


business stationery.


Present your brand with confidence with a professional stationery suite.


Business Cards



Business cards can be in many shapes and sizes

STANDARD BUSINESS CARDS (1) The right fit for small start-up businesses or students networking to gain employment. You need basic, good-quality cards to become known in your industry circles.

ENVIRO BUSINESS CARDS (2) Suitable for the environmentally conscience buyer. Printed on recycled stock. Show your contacts you are committed to a greener planet.

PREMIUM BUSINESS CARDS (3) The best choice for rebranding your business or bringing on new staff. Creating custom high-end cards to impress your clients is essential.

Suggested Stock 350-450gsm silk or gloss Finishing & Options Velvet laminate, matt/gloss laminate, raised clear/gold/silver ink, round corners

Suggested Stock 300gsm, uncoated Finishing & Options Round corners

Suggested Stock 350gsm silk or uncoated Finishing & Options Round corners



We cater for every business personality




MAGNETIC CARDS (4) Want to remain front of mind? Choose magnetic business cards to position your brand for constant visibility.

MEMBERSHIP CARDS (5) For durability, choose plastic cards to meet high wear and tear activity. A professional look that lasts longer. Ideal as membership gift and loyalty cards or just to stand out from the pack. Choose a solid or transparent finish.

Suggested Stock 350-450gsm silk or gloss 278-352gsm textured board Finishing & Options Coloured edge, coloured core, emboss/deboss, traditional foiling, spot UV, die-cut, laser-cut, round corners SPECIALTY BUSINESS CARDS (6) Need something different? Choose from a range of specialty print and finishing options to create a bigger impact. Consider a raised finish or interesting patterns to enhance your business cards.

Suggested Stock White PVC, clear PVC gloss or matt Finishing & Options Round corners

Suggested Stock Magnetic stock, gloss Finishing & Options Round corners




We can advise you on the materials and finishes to achieve your desired impact


LETTERHEAD (1) Represent your brand professionally on all correspondence. If you own a business, a letterhead with your company logo is a must.

NOTE PADS (2) Hosting a conference or meeting? Help guests be prepared by providing custom stationery with your logo attached. Snap can produce corporate branded pads in A4 or A5 sizes, with a choice of 25, 50 or 100 leaves.

CONTINUATION SHEETS Maintain consistency in correspondence. Continuation sheets complement your letterhead by repeating your company’s branding on multipage letters.

Suggested Stock Various stocks available Standard is 100gsm laser Finishing & Options Foil, metallic ink, embossing

Suggested Stock Plenty to choose from Standard is 100gsm laser Finishing & Options Metallic ink

Suggested Stock 80-100gsm uncoated Finishing & Options Glued at head with grey backing board





First impressions are lasting impressions

COMPLIMENT SLIPS (3) Say thank you or send your best

ENVELOPES (4) A branded envelope improves your chances of being noticed. For a professional touch, send items in a brand-printed envelope with your details. Choose from a range of standard sizes to meet your specific business needs.


regards via a ‘with compliments’ slip. Handwritten is a personal way to make an impression on the recipient.

Suggested Stock 60gsm carbonless paper, white, pink, blue, green, yellow Finishing & Options Wrap-around cover, bound, padded If you’re selling goods or services, Snap has a range of invoice books, receipt books, purchase orders and quotation books. Books consist of 50 or 100 sets (duplicate, triplicate or quadruplicate) each numbered, perforated and bound.

Suggested Stock 90gsm uncoated Finishing & Options

Suggested Stock Various stocks available Standard is 100gsm laser Finishing & Options Foil, metallic ink, embossing

All envelopes can be plain face, window face, press seal, lick and stick (banker), peel and seal. Sizes: DL, DLX, C4, C5, C6, B4 and more


Presentation Folders




Make your clients feel special

CUSTOM FOLDER (1) If you have documents to deliver in hard copy, you need custom printed presentation folders to showcase your company’s professional profile.

A5 FOLDER (2) A tidy and professional tool to organise documents during a sales pitch or tendering proposal. For clients, a company-branded folder provides the best option to deliver information in paper form.

A4 FOLDER (3) Add a professional edge to reports and proposals. Remain front of mind following a sales pitch, with stylish take- away printed folders for your customers.

Suggested Stock 350gsm silk or gloss Finishing & Options Matt or gloss laminate

Suggested Stock 350gsm silk or gloss Finishing & Options Matt or gloss laminate

Suggested Stock 350gsm silk or gloss Finishing & Options Matt or gloss laminate



Personalise folders for each department


RING BINDER FOLDER (4) Perfect to maintain order for paper deliverables during seminars. Easily update with extra documents whenever necessary. Ring binders hold a large quantity of printed material, giving them flexibility for larger projects.

‘TRAVEL WALLET’ FOLDER (5) Great for expos and trade fairs in handy carry sizes to keep all your corporate information together. Bind contact information and key sales points in a customisable wallet with your corporate logo and branding.

INSERTS FOR BINDER FOLDERS Ideal for filing, insert your own title pages and spine labels, allowing you to organise documents and binders alphabetically and/or chronologically.

Suggested Stock 300gsm silk cover Finishing & Options Tab dividers, customised cover and spine

Suggested Stock 350gsm silk or gloss Finishing & Options Matt or gloss laminate

Suggested Stock 300gsm silk cover Finishing & Options Tab dividers, customised cover and spine


invitations & cards.


Made to impress for any occasion, event or celebration.


Invitations & Announcements


Work with our designers to create the perfect design


SAVE THE DATE (1) Kick off the wedding countdown or let guests know about upcoming events by sending custom ‘Save the Date’ cards. Share your happy nuptial news with family and friends or let people plan ahead, while making sure clients, staff and guests have plenty of notice to mark their calendars.

INVITATIONS (2) Want to make the right impression on your guests? Take advantage of our tailored creative designs and assortment of elegant paper stock to create custom invitations for any occasion. Suitable for corporate functions, weddings and engagements, birthdays, christenings, baby showers and parties.

Suggested Stock 350gsm silk Finishing & Options Metallic ink, scoring, personalised company branding to the design to make more of an impression. Also ideal for special occasions, such as seated wedding receptions and large milestone birthdays. TABLE/PLACE CARDS A small yet important detail for every catered corporate event, table and place cards often include guest names and table numbers. Add your

Suggested Stock 300-350gsm silk Finishing & Options Foil, metallic ink, lamination, spot UV, embossing

Suggested Stock Various stocks available Finishing & Options Spot UV, foil, metallic ink, lamination, embossing





Add your own photos to the design


PREMIUM GREETING CARDS When you really want to impress for a special occasion or as a ‘thank you’, choose embellishments, such as gold or silver foiling and embossing. Perfect for high-end greeting cards to give to valued clients, old and new.

Suggested Stock 250-350gsm silk or gloss Finishing & Options Spot UV, metallic ink, foil, lamination Sizes: DL, A6, A5, A4, custom POSTCARDS (4) Pinpoint your brand messaging with custom postcards. Suitable for testing promotional offers or customer acquisition via redeeming discounts or other benefits. Postcards offer opportunities for highly targeted communications and branding.

Show your clients and staff you care with your own branded greeting cards, perfect for the festive season or ‘with thanks’. Create custom-designed cards with your own personalised message inside, choosing from an extensive range of themes and designs.

Suggested Stock 300-350gsm silk or gloss Finishing & Options Spot UV, metallic ink, foil, lamination Sizes: A6, A5, custom

Suggested Stock 300-350gsm Silk or Gloss Finishing & Options Sizes: A6, A5, custom


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