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From Amazon’s domination of the retail world to Walmart’s relentless conquest of one family-owned department store after another, it feels like the soul of the American economy is being snuffed out. At some point in this fast-paced age we live in, doing business has ceased to be about building relationships with your customers. Looking at the big picture, you’d be forgiven for thinking that low prices have become the be-all, end-all for consumers. But that’s not the way we see things here at Pye-Barker. For 83 years, we’ve firmly believed in building lasting partnerships with our clients. We don’t just ask you for a part number and give you the price. We ask questions, take the time to understand your processes, and ensure that you find the best solution. At times, we’ve even conducted technical trainings on certain new pieces of equipment, free of charge. That’s because we know that optimizing your plant takes more than just fulfilling an order. It takes time and understanding. This is something my late father understood from the beginning. Once, my dad showed up early to a potential client’s office with a box of donuts in hand. Not only did this act of kindness land him a sale in the moment, but it also solidified a partnership between businesses that would stand the test of time. Our sales reps were constantly regaled by that story. That generous tenacity is woven into who we are as a company. And time and again, the value of that relationship building has borne fruit. Many of our clients and vendors have been with us for decades — you don’t get those kinds of meaningful partnerships WHY WE BELIEVE IN DOING BUSINESS THE OLD-FASHIONED WAY. MORE THAN THE SUM OF OUR PARTS

simply by selling parts. That level of trust is something that has to be earned by engaging with one another as human beings and not as numbers on a spreadsheet. This edition marks the second anniversary of when we first began running our employee spotlight in this newsletter. From long-time veterans to new Pye-Barker hires, we feature our expert team members in every edition because we believe you should know your business partners. A company is more than just its president. With a small, tightknit team like ours, it’s only fair you get to know the great individuals that make Pye-Barker shine. We are proud to be a local Georgia company. We are proud to help our fellow Georgia businesses thrive by providing the best service around. Sure, you can gut the people, the talent, the courtesy, and the commitment out of a business and sell plenty of cheap parts. But selling parts is just one piece of what Pye-Barker actually does. We help our clients solve problems, optimize their equipment, and grow their industrial processes. We’re in the business of helping you. And that is something the Walmarts of the world will never be able to replicate. -Eric Lunsford


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