7. IN ADDITION TO ENTRIES of persons suspected or expelled from the Federation, the Recognized competition may refuse any entry of an exhibitor or the participation of any agent, trainer, rider, driver or handler who has shown an objectionable attitude towards this Recognized competition or previous unsportsmanlike behavior at a Recognized competition or to its management.

8. MANAGEMENT reserves the right to cancel, consolidate or split classes depending upon entries received at the closing date.

9. THE HORSE SHOW COMMITTEE reserves the privilege of substituting or changing judges if it becomes necessary. The Judges’ decision in the show ring are their own responsibility and the Show Committee accepts no responsibility for these decisions. 10. PRE ENTRIES CLOSE MONDAY DECEMBER 4TH. ENTRIES RECEIVED AFTER DEC 4TH WILL BE ASSESSED A $100.00/HORSE POST ENTRY FEE. ALL ENTRIES REQUIRE A $100.00 DEPOSIT UPON RECEIPT. PLEASE PROVIDE CREDIT CARD INFORMATION ON ALL ENTRIES. ENTRIES MAY BE PAID BY CREDIT CARD , CHECK OR CASH. ENTRIES ARE ENCOURAGED TO BE SUBMITTED ON SHOWGROUNDSLIVE.COM. FOR ASSISTANCE WITH ONLINE ENTRIES, PLEASE CALL SHERRI 619-672-4503 OR SCOTT 760-525- 8955. 11. REFUNDS. Full refunds will be given if written notice is received by the Show Secretary before the closing of entries. Exhibitors scratching a horse for any reason after the official closing date shall forfeit $100.00 deposit, 1/2 Stall Fees, and any preordered feed/bedding UNLESS a valid Veterinarian’ s or Doctor’ s certificate of disability for entered horse/rider is submitted to the Horse Show Secretary prior to the first event of the horse show, in which case a $100 fee will be assessed. If illness or injury after the start of the show should prevent exhibitor’s participation in the balance of entered classes, a refund of unused classes will be made. 12. PENALTY. There will be a penalty of $100.00 if a check is returned. No checks will be processed through the bank a second time, and must be covered by a money order, cashier’s check or cash in addition to the penalty. There will be a penalty of $100.00 for any credit card charge backs.

13. PRIZE MONEY CHECKS will be credited on show bill.

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