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OCT 2018

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I was speaking with a client the other day who is about to turn 65. She had done many hours of research but still couldn’t come to a clear decision regarding what the best option was for her. By the time she came to us, she was nervous about the process and bewildered by her options. I relate this story because I have clients who feel this way all the time. The Medicare process can be frightening due to its complexity. Many of my clients don’t know what to do, and their biggest fear is making the wrong choice. There are so many options, and it’s difficult to tell which one will be best for the future. Luckily, Medicare enrollment is a well-known process that millions complete every year. It may be confusing, but it’s not out to get you. Having a guide help you navigate the process can serve like a torch illuminating the dark and showing you the way. Providing clients with clarity is among the most valuable services I can offer, and I do that by having frank conversations. Helping clients decide on the plan that will best meet their needs involves discussion and strategy. Medicare, by its very nature, provides people the option to pay for what they need and not what they don’t. Would it be easier if it were a one-size-fits-all plan? Yes, but it would also probably be more expensive and less valuable. That’s

why it’s so important to have as much clarity as you can, whether you’re enrolling for the first time or re-enrolling.

As with many fears, the Medicare enrollment process is scariest when you let it take over your mind. Once the doubt sets in, you’re never going to feel like you’ve made the right choice. To help allay these worries, I’m happy to speak with you about your situation and the care plan that will meet your needs. There’s no getting around it; signing up for Medicare is a potentially scary process. However, the best thing you can do to eliminate that sense of trepidation is to work with an experienced agent who has your best interest at heart. Because as frightening as enrollment may seem, it’s nothing compared to the feeling you’ll have when you don’t have the coverage you need for a major surgery or necessary medication. The prospect of facing health challenges without proper coverage is scarier than any werewolf, goblin, or witch. You don’t have to face these fears alone. Let me clear the fog and bring peace of mind to your Medicare enrollment process.

–Lyn Thomas


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