HOT|COOL NO. 1/2020 - "How to District Energize your City"

Viborg Fjernvarme discovered that it was operating with a higher differential pressure than necessary, and calculated that by reducing it by a mere 0.2 mWs it could save 26,3 MWh per year of pump energy – resulting in annual savings of DKK 18,400. Valves are still the core product While developing new markets with IoT products, Frese maintains its status as one of the world's leading providers of innovative fluid control and component solutions. The key element in the company’s success has been the introduction and further development of dynamic balancing valves, where Frese holds several global patents. Frese’s dynamic balancing valves play into two of the most important needs of themarket: Cost effectiveness, due in part to simplified system designs and operation; and energy efficiency as a result of maximized Delta T and elimination of overflows in the system. Typical applications include fan coil units, chilled beams, plate heat exchangers and air handling units. Still local – still a family With sales offices all over the world and a production facility in China, Frese is by all definitions a global company. However, its attachment and connection to the town in which it was founded remains as strong as ever, and Frese’s administration and primary production facility are still located in Slagelse. It is still a fully family-owned company, with the founder’s three grandchildren, Kim, Claus and Tina all holding leading operational positions within the business. In fact, the fourth generation has recently joined the company in the R&D and HR departments.

2019 was a landmark year for Frese A/S in Slagelse, Denmark, in more than one way. The company celebrated its 75th anniversary since it was established as a small foundry in a local basement. Frese still owns and operates a modern metal and steel foundry, but around the world it is perhaps better known as a leading manufacturer of high quality valves for several markets, including HVAC, plumbing, marine and industry. Another key market for Frese is the global district energy sector. Since 1991 Frese has collaborated closely with several Danish district heating providers, and in 2019 this close dialouge led to the launch of a new venture for Frese: IoT-based solutions, which enable intelligent monitoring and analysis of district energy networks. The most recent product to come out of Frese’s R&D department is the Frese BYPASS, which allows district energy providers to optimize the efficiency in their network by lowering temperatures and reducing pressure. Proof of value: Viborg Fjernvarme Viborg Fjernvarme has been a central partner in the development process for Frese BYPASS. The district heating operator has agreed to take part in a large-scale prototype test and has retrofitted around 25 devices into its existing bypass units. Since installing the devices in the summer of 2019, Viborg Fjernvarme has systematically analyzed all the data received, and this has caused the company to make a few changes in its network. So far these minor changes have shown major potential in terms of energy efficiency and cost savings.

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