HOT|COOL NO. 1/2020 - "How to District Energize your City"

In addition, 27% of electricity consumption can be made technically flexible and adapted to wind and solar.

For sustainable energy, a technical potential of 37 TW h/year is estimated. The largest potential being heat production, including solar heat, geothermal energy, and surplus heat in combination with heat pumps.

Where are we going?

The first phase of EPT33 describes the ambitious route for the energy systems to reach the goal. In the period until 2050, considerable effort is required for energy savings. Despite increasing living space and more transportation in 2050, the final energy consumption will be reduced by almost 30% compared to 2015 (reduction from 38 to 27 TWh/year). But an increase in electricity, district heating, and biomass is expected. In the period until 2035, the use of biomass will increase significantly. This is mainly due to conversion to biomass at the CHP plants, while the use of biomass for energy production after this time will be reduced. This will happen as heat pumps, solar heat and geothermal energy integrate district heating production. A significant expansion with solar cells and wind turbines is assumed, which - in combinationwith other prerequisites - means the EPT33 municipalities will shift from net importing to net exporting electricity.

As a result of the ambitious conversion, total CO2 emissions are expected to fall by 75% from 2015 to 2035.

The Capital Region differs from the rest of Denmark in several ways: - 35% of Denmark's population lives in the EPT33 area - A large area is urban and only a small part is agriculture - The population density is 6-9 times higher than in the average Danish region - A further increase in population is expected until 2040, as many people want to live close to Copenhagen - More people live in apartment buildings - More people use public transportation for shorter distances - Most buildings in the urban areas are connected to district heating system

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