HOT|COOL NO.1/2021 - "Fuel, Flexibility & Green Transition"

From electricity to heating or cooling - and vice versa!

Visualisation of the new ETES heat-pump, district-heating plant in Esbjerg, Denmark (picture © Arkitema)

New technology allows the coupling of electricity, heating, and cooling in an Electro-Thermal Energy Storage system.

To reduce CO 2 emissions, global energy markets are moving away from centralized generation based on fossil fuels and towards renewable energy systems (RES) like wind and photovoltaic. However, renewable energy is not always available when needed and is creating instability in the grids due to its fluctuating nature. Efficient and intelligent energy management systems are required in order to reconcile the growing human requirement for power with the fluctuating supply.

By: Raymond C. Decorvet, MAN ETES Business Development, MAN

Energy Solutions Switzerland Ltd.

Today, the greatest challenge lies in making this growing supply of renewable energy usable for the heating and cooling sector. According to the REN21 "Global Status Report", heating and cooling account for 48% of global energy consumption and 39% of CO 2 emissions, because renewable sources deliver only 10% of the energy. Therefore, to reduce emissions and decarbonize the whole energy industry, it is crucial to develop solutions, which consider all sectors, not just electricity generation.

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