HOT|COOL NO.1/2021 - "Fuel, Flexibility & Green Transition"

By: Zhaohui Wang, Ph.D., CTO Shenzhen Qianhai Energy Technology Development Co., Ltd.

The need for cooling inAsia rises fast and is demanding for the environment and the electricity supply. District cooling (DC) in Asia, especially in China but also in India, have tremendous market potentials. Commercial buildings with a relatively stable cooling load and a predictable demand profile could be a priority building category for district cooling. Still, DC of airports, data centers, hospitals, industries, and other buildings with high-density cooling demand would also be feasible development. Unlike traditional air-conditioning systems, DC uses different resources (including renewable energies) to improve energy efficiency and indoor climate significantly. District cooling will bring in considerable savings on power consumption, power demand, carbon footprint, and life cycle cost. Below are short descriptions of the DC market potentials for India and China supplemented with two cases. Amaravati, the new state capital of Andhra Pradesh, India, and Shenzhen in south China, showcases low-carbon and highly efficient DC solutions that inspire other developing Asian cities.

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