HOT|COOL NO. 4/2018 - "Emerging District Heating Markets"



BROEN is a leading international manufacturer of valve tech- nology for district heating and operates on three continents across the world with key markets in Russia, Europe, China and US. BROEN is headquartered in Assens, Denmark and is part of Aalberts Industries listed on the EuroNext Stock Exchange (NL). Today Aalberts has more than 15,000 colleagues operating from more than 200 locations in more than 30 countries. The proven brand BROEN Ballomax® is used in district energy grids all over the world. HERITAGE AND HISTORY In 1948, Poul Broen established the company BROEN, which was among the pioneers as district heating took off in Denmark. In 1982, the BROEN Ballomax® ball valve for district heating was launched, and we still strive to develop and improve products that use nature’s resources as efficiently as possible. 5 TRENDS IMPACTINGDISTRICT ENERGY GOING FORWARD • Energy efficiency and the climate challenge is one of the greatest challenges of our time and based on the heritage from leading edge innovations in Danish district heating, we offer a comprehensive range of proven ball valves for distribution and transmission of district energy. • As a result of the rising demand for energy efficiency, we supply increasingly more full flow valves with high focus on energy efficiency and KVs values. • We also see a trend towards tougher quality standards, where cross-national industry organizations, like Euroheat and Power, launch new initiatives, such as the EHP003 certification adding to the already tough market demand of EN488:2015 – both already implemented in our range. • As a fourth trend, we see an increasing complexity of larger valves with focus on extreme security. This means trunnion mounted ball valves with an optional drain valve (”tell-tale valve”), which can secure that the dead space between the ball and the valve body is emptied and the valve closes 100% tightly – hence the name Double Block and Bleed. • Internet of Things (IoT) will impact district energy grids as well – we have only just begun this journey. We are investigating how this evolves in district energy. When we have the feedback from our tests, we will be able to commercialize the right solutions for district energy.

NEXT GENERATION OF VALVE TECHNOLOGY Responding to market demand, we have recently launched a new series of valves with superior KVs values. We expect to see the share of full flow valve designs with superior flow coefficients grow dramatically and have invested in a fully automated robot production line meeting the highest quality levels to accommodate this market need. We will respond to flexible market demands, and be able to produce high quality valves with exact tolerances day in and day out. Flexibility in demand is a matter of programming the computer to match the demand.

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