At FanSaves, we have been fortunate enough to continue working hard and we’ve been able to keep our employees on. When it was just Kris and I, we used to work 12, 14, 16-hour days but ever since growing our team, we are able to really focus on growing the business while still having a bit of time to ourselves on nights and weekends. But the pandemic and stay-at-home orders have forced us inside and not being able to see friends or family limits our options when it comes to taking a break. We can only skate on our rink so much and we were really craving some type of creative outlet. Something to do during our down time.

It came together really fast but had been some- thing we had been discussing since the summer. We thought it would be cool to create apparel for startup founders and entrepreneurs, featur- ing witty sayings that are common in the startup world. “Ramen Profitable”, “Talk Startup to Me”, “Crossing the Chasm”, “Send Wine”, and “Girls Just Wanna Have FUNding” were some phrases we came up with and stored in a notebook.

Business Owners & Startup Founders Can Have Side Hustles Too ENTREPRENEURIAL SPIRIT T his everlasting pandemic has had business by Shannon Ferguson

owners all over the world pivoting, scram- bling, and working hard to hang on to their life’s work all the while dealing with declining sales and traffic and trying to keep themselves safe from Covid-19. The creative pivots have been amazing to watch, craft distilleries and breweries creating hand san- itizer. Clothing companies making masks. People coming together to figure out ways not only to help each other but also generate some kind of revenue.





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