Just the other week, I decided what better time than now to bring our idea into fruition. I bought the domain, created our website, started our Ins- tagram page, designed the shirts and within a week our side hustle to FanSaves was launched. Acquired is our newest baby and the brand is a play on the buzz word that so many startup founders always discuss. In the business world, getting acquired means “the purchase of one cor- poration by another through either the purchase of its shares or assets.” Our logo features two mountains and a path (or chasm) representing the peaks and valleys entrepreneurs must climb and the winding road they are often faced with. The Acquired Shop features apparel including t-shirts, hoodies and hats with witty slogans that help to bring some fun and light into the hard days of entrepreneurship. Even those who might not own their own businesses can find something they like, whether it’s repping the Acquired logo or finding a slogan that everyone can relate to these days like “Your Mic is Muted.” So many people have been affected by the ongoing pandemic, but creative solutions are always just around the corner, if you’re open to it. Our business FanSaves has of course been impacted by Covid-19, there have been many stressful days and nights and as we work hard everyday to continue growing, this little side hustle has actually helped us hone in our focus and problem solving skills.

There are always ways to respond to unfair situations, to bounce back during hard times. Kris and I have never been ones to relax for too long. We find our calm in an array of being busy. The more we have on our plate the more energized we feel, and this is why it made sense to create our side hustle brand and apparel company at this moment in time. If you’ve been thinking about starting something new, putting yourself out there and creating a side hustle from scratch. Do it. Try it out. Now is the time to test your ideas instead of losing sleep at night and waiting for the right time. Might it be a bit harder in some cases because of the pandemic, sure, but why let that stop you? Netflix will always be there, but you may never have a chance like this again. You may never have this extra time with no social events or networking to go to, ever again. Start your side hustle. Grow your side hustle. Take up your passion. If you’ve been thinking of doing something, just do it! And if you’re an entrepreneur or simply a kick-butt boss, we’d love for you to check out Acquired at and use the discount code GETACQUIRED10 to get 10% off your order! And after you make your purchase… go START your side hustle! Oh, and feel free to give follow us on Instagram too!

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