EPIC EATERIES & SWEETERIES ROADSIDE WILLIES SMOKEHOUSE & BAR – TRURO, NS, CANADA by Lee Atwater I t does not matter where your travels take you in Nova Scotia but one thing for sure is that you will most likely have to travel thought the hub town of Truro, which we featured in last month’s issue as part of our Downtown Truro Partnership article, to get there.

If you had the opportunity to read the Downtown Truro Partnership article you are aware that this hub town has always been rich with history, culture, and community pride. In recent years Truro is making major strides towards being one of the most vibrant and thriving towns in Nova Scotia and when it comes to the business com- munity it offers a unique mix of local shops, restaurants and cafés owned by the people who call Truro home. When most people think of Truro and the sur- rounding area they think of the Stanfield’s factory, the Nova Scotia Provincial Exhibition Grounds, the Truro Raceway, the amazing Tidal Bore and the beautiful Victoria Park, but they should also be thinking about bar-be-que. We know what you are thinking, Truro and bar-be-que do not go together, well we feel that one trip to Roadside Willies Smokehouse & Bar the next time you are in the Truro area will change your mind about Truro being a destination for great smokehouse bar-b-que.

Roadside Willies offers its valued patrons casual dining with a touch of class, but don’t worry it is not the kind of place that you are not going to be able to get your face covered in bar-b-que sauce and they have lots of napkins. Whether you are stopping by to grab a bite on your travels, heading out for a full course meal with family and friends or simply looking to unwind after a long day with your favorite beverage, Roadside Willies offers up some- thing for everyone. Their menu features tastes from around the world filled with incredible salads, appetizers, sandwiches, seafood, pastas, gourmet pizzas and of course all your smoke- house favorites, but remember to leave room for their homemade desserts. Willie and his team take great pride in serving fresh homemade meals, the only thing they serve that was frozen is the ice in your drinks, so you won’t have to worry about eating cookie cutter pre-made frozen factory food here.

Willie’s philosophy is simple, dining out should be an enjoyable and unrushed experience in a cozy, relaxed setting. So, Willie’s offers candle lit tables, along with a warm décor, tasteful music and friendly and helpful staff that create an inviting yet casual ambiance which allows you the time to view their vast menu of items from both land and sea offering something for just about everyone.





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